Jointly reported by:
Tee Jia Xien 16332 Sr2B
Siow Wei Khuan 16586 Sr2ScF
Lim Zhe Yih 16195 Sr2ScF

Kuen Cheng High School Chinese Studies Society had organized a debate competition in March. This preliminary round for category Senior was held on the 3rd of March after when the day classes ended.

Students from all year groups are eligible to participate in the competition. At least four participants are required to form a group. The debate competition takes place on the fourth floor of Block C. They first gathered at the corridor and discussed about the topic. All of them had prepared a stack of materials and data that may be helpful to the arguments.

There was a total of 8 groups of seniors from different classes. The debate competition was viewable as each class have seats provided for the spectators. The competition kicked off as all the participants and judges were ready.


One of the debate topics was Virtual Currency is Doable.

The players of both teams had clear thought in argumentation and refutation during the debate. After then, the free debate session began, which was the real climax of competition. The players started a deeper debate on the topic. The atmosphere of the competition was extremely tense, the players had used various data and evidence to prove their argument and made an example as much as possible to refute the opponent’s view. Some of the facts they listed were just not reliable that had almost made their team lost the game.


rsz_2-正方一辩极力为自身立场辩解 rsz_3-正方二辩小结

There are 4 teams have finally won the game. Before the competition came to an end, the judge commented on the game. He fully affirmed the active performance of the players from both teams, however, there could have only been 4 winning teams in the end. The 4 winning teams were so excited and joyful has been announced that they had entered the finals.

rsz_7-双方辩友都是关系要好的朋友 rsz_9-张署理校长致辞
rsz_8-本场最佳辩_黄欣柔同学 rsz_16-获胜队伍正方与张署理校长的合照