Jointly reported by:
Kuan Vei Zhi Sr3SCC 15261
Lew Yuen Teng Sr3ComA 15070
Lee Xue Rui Jr1K 20653

The unexpectedness of this deadly virus has everybody in fear, face masks and hand sanitizers sold out everywhere… Yes, if a certain name for this infamous virus has popped into your head, we are probably on the same page – the novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV). On 3rd of February, it was timely that our school decided to cover this topic during our weekly assembly on the regular Monday morning, a segment hosted by our very own Principal, Madam Chua Lee Lee. Students from JR1, JR2 and SR3 were shown a video introducing bacteria and virus related but not before the Principal thanked all the selfless doctors and nurses who were risking their lives for the Chinese people, and also the stern actions and measures that China government has taken.


Then, we were shown a second video about the history of viruses and how it spreads. Students were reminded of the terrors of HIV influenza, the Black Death, and SARS that took the lives of many. There were internet and social media raising awareness of such symptoms to beware of, however, there also were messages instilling fear into the hearts of the people with the fast spreading of fake news. The video was highly educational and very much needed. After that, a video on how to prevent coronavirus with useful preventive measures such as washing our hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, throw away used tissues immediately, avoid contact with eyes, mouth or nose as much as possible, wear face masks and cook meat thoroughly. We were also educated on how to identify possible symptoms of coronavirus like shortness of breath, fever, severe coughing, and difficulty in breathing. We see most of the students nodding their heads knowingly as many of us have already seen such posts on social media which brings me back to the importance and dangers of the internet during trying times. Our Principal emphasised on the importance of providing only reliable information on the internet and avoid sharing news from unidentified sources as when fake news are shared online, it might end up having dangerous and even deadly consequences.


Students were also told to have a healthy and positive mentality and that it was okay to accept our emotions like fear and anxiety because they are totally and absolutely normal. Then, things will get better with time and we should always be kind to one another. We should also be grateful that we are safe and healthy with our family members by our sides. Later, the Principal shared a warm and touching news about the kids from our very own Kuen Cheng Kindergarten; these selfless little kids have always donated their angpao money to different organizations through the help of their teachers. This year, the kids knew about the difficult situations the people of Wuhan in China were facing so they have decided to make a donation to the affected ones. Their big hearts and selflessness should be how our world works for all mankind.

For me, however, one of the most touching and memorable moments was a segment where life stories from the people of Wuhan were read to us. The doctor who kept working even when his grandfather passed away, nurses who cut their hair short for the convenience of getting into their safety suits, the man who donated all of his retirement fund to the hospital, all of these ordinary people who are shining light in the darkness, showing us there is still hope and beauty in humanity. We thank them and are so grateful for their kind acts.

What a meaningful assembly it was we had experienced today. I would like to conclude this article with a quote about everyone working hard and risking their lives to fight against the novel coronavirus that has touched the hearts of many: “We don’t know who you are, but we know who you’re fighting for.” Thank you and wishing well.