Jointly reported by:
Tee Jia Xien 16332 Sr2B
Lee Xue Rui 20653 Jr1K
Ng Choon Hau 16066 Sr2A

YouTube is an amazing site where you can discover vast amounts of entertaining and educational content. With the increasing interest in online content creation on the platform, a talk on hosting techniques for the internet age was held on Wednesday, 27 May 2020 from 3 to 4 pm over the Zoom platform, hosted by Mr Cheah Jing Cheng, an AiFM DJ who’s also serving as this year’s Broadcasting Club Coach. This talk was held in conjunction with a series of holiday talent classes the school has held during the June holiday season under Movement Control Order (MCO).

Broadcasting Club members Chew Ming Ruey and Yap Xiew Tong opened the talk with a brief introduction about the coach, subsequently followed by the start of the talk. Mr. Cheah started off by asking us the question: why does everyone watch videos? He answers that there are three reasons for the prevalence of digital media in the mainstream. First, electronic devices, namely phones and laptops, are commonplace in every household. Second, the varied and creative content found on YouTube; and third, the ease of finding, sharing, and creating multimedia content.

With all that said, Mr. Cheah finally got to every attendee’s burning question: what requirements does an aspiring YouTuber need? His requirements can be split into three categories: equipment, content and discipline.

On the subject of equipment, videography tools are a no-brainer. For those starting out, any phone or laptop that comes with its own camera will do, no fancy equipment necessary. Though, one does have to consider the amount and types of tools needed when doing certain videos, i.e. having multiple mini cameras for a prank video. Microphones are important for sound quality, but content should be prioritized above them. Editing software is integral to the video-making process, too.

rsz_21Mr Cheah shows us one of his cameras, with a microphone attached to it.

rsz_2Mr Cheah shows us a popular video editing app on his phone.

Apart from the equipment, we have to consider the content of the video. “What kind of videos do you want to make?” Mr. Cheah implored us to think about this question before starting. He then asked the students about their strengths and received active feedback. Some of the answers included singing, sports, eloquence, culinary arts, fine arts, and makeup. He then advised the students to capitalize on their talents and showcase them via videos in a way that stands out from the rest, either through being better or being unique. Content created could also be informative; something that teaches knowledge to those seeking to learn. Discipline is also a crucial factor in YouTube content creation, as variety and interchangeability in videos are crucial to keep viewers coming back.

Through answering some questions from the audience, Mr Cheah gives us a few more tips: vary shooting and presentation methods; keep videos short and snappy, preferably under 8 minutes; sensationalize video titles to attract attention; and leave a bit of crucial content at the end of videos to keep viewers’ attention till the end.

Then, Mr. Cheah segues into his segment on relying on YouTube for a career by providing some food for thought: “why can people do certain careers for so long?” Audience answers vary between a steady income, passion, and interest. Mr. Cheah then states that discipline, passion, and skills are the core qualities that anyone aspiring to do YouTube for a job; especially discipline since that’s what you mainly rely on to push out more content and attract more subscribers. Being a Youtuber won’t be that easy. Nowadays, more and more people want to become a YouTuber. To make your video attract people’s attention, you have to put a lot of effort into it. He ends the talk with a Q&A session, while leaving more details on pursuing YouTube as a career for next week’s continuation talk.

Attendees Heah Ernn from Jr3C and Hee Yit Seng from Sr1ComA have expressed satisfaction towards the talk’s deeper insights into the world of YouTube content creation, a relative surprise as this topic seldom crosses the layman’s mind. The former is astounded by the passion emanating from the host, YouTubers, and DJs alike, pushing out content during a time of relative relaxation; while the latter is impressed by the host’s willingness to answer attendees’ burning questions on digital media creation when its interest is at its peak. Both have been positively intrigued by the content of the talk, and will definitely be back next week at the same time to see what else the host has in store.