Jointly reported by:
Ng Ting Hui Sr2ScF 16915
Tan Qing Lin Sr2ScB 16632
Ng Choon Hau Sr2A 16066


During the Movement Control Order (MCO) period, the presidential association of Kuen Cheng High School decided to come up with a new activity to make up for the original activities designed for Sr3 batch, which was cancelled due to the ongoing MCO restrictions. The new activity was to make a video about Showing Gratitude to all now working at the front line, and ways to fight against the ongoing pandemic.

The participants mainly consist of members of the Photography Club, alongside with the Senior 3 Graduation Committee. It is also open to Senior 3 students for them to submit their videos, while teachers, School Principal, Deputy Principal and the Vice Principal are invited to participate in this activity as well.

During the process of filming of this video, the Photography Section in the Senior 3 Graduation Committee were in charge of organising materials for the others as well as collecting pictures from Senior 3 students. Everyone was dedicated to working on this video and all Senior 3 students were encouraged to participate in this meaningful project.

It’s not easy to finish this video. Since the only communication platform is through social media, a lot of problems were faced by them due to the circumstances during quarantine.  Some pictures handed in were found to be in different sizes and low clarity which increased the challenge of editing. Besides, pictures handed in were much more than videos because some students were shy. After more endurance and patience to edit this video, there are still many things that had to be changed but none of them gave up through this entire process.

On May 1st 2020, the video was finally up. All of them were relieved that the video was finally released after so much hard work, and lots of positive feedback were given on this video.  The Senior 3 Graduation Committee hope that through this video, more people will be aware of the seriousness of this pandemic and all credits are given to the frontline workers who are forced to risk their lives in order to keep us safe.  Thanks to the police, doctors, nurses and other frontline workers who dedicated themselves to help us during this critical time. Hope everyone stays safe and stays hygienic, we will go through this together.