Jointly by:
Ng Choon Hau (Sr1A)
Tan Yi Khai (Sr1ScD)
Photography: Yee Wen Shuen (Sr1C)

Following the main events held earlier in the day of 5 August 2019, the Tzu Chi Senior High School teachers and students gathered at the Block A Lobby for their final exchange activity here at Kuen Cheng High School – the Brickfields, Kuala Lumpur outing. This outing was led by three members from the Tourism Studies Society and nine members from the History Society, accompanied by Ms. Lim Bee Hsiang and both clubs’ respective advisory teachers. After the handing out of the travel brochures, the group set out at 3 p.m.

After traversing through the urban jungle of Brickfields, the tour group made it to their first location – the Madrasathul Gouthiyyah Surau. Though a plain looking mosque, it is well known for being one of the community’s hotspots for Indian Muslims to pray. History Society members briefed the Tzu Chi students on some basic information about the mosque and Muslim culture in general. Next up was the Tamil Methodist Church, followed by the nearby Zion Lutheran Cathedral. Methodism and Zionism are both sects of Christianity with their own wacky backstories, which certainly provided some good stories for the Tzu Chi students to listen to.

The Buddhist Maha Vihara Temple was next, featuring another main religion in Malaysia – Buddhism. The tour group got a chance to go inside the temple compound and pray in front of the golden Buddhist statue. Afterwards, they moved on to the bustling street of Little India, where Indian street culture thrives. Tzu Chi students were allowed to wander around the street, shopping for local delicacies and completing their tasks along the way. Then, the tour group gathered round and took a picture in front of Torana Gate, a lotus fountain gifted by the Indian Prime Minister, then moved on to their next location.


The journey to the next location fared to be much longer, therefore Tourism Studies Society members had to be even more vigilant in not getting Tzu Chi students lost or injured. Eventually, the tour group reached the Vivekananda Ashram, a hostel for the local Indian population. Then, they arrived at Kuala Lumpur’s hub for a religion with Chinese origins – Sam Kow Tong Temple. The final stops were the Sri Krishna Temple and Sree Veera Hanuman Temple, Indian temples showcasing amazing stories of Indian mythology. The outing ended at around 6 p.m., with everyone walking back into Kuen Cheng High School, feeling pretty much exhausted at the end of the day.

Overall, this outing and the entire exchange program was a great success. Tzu Chi students, though tired after the outing, were glad to be able to open their eyes to our country’s vividly beautiful and diverse cultures and religions. The presidents of the Tourism Studies Society and History Society were both glad that this outing turned out well, only downsides were potentially bored students and mishaps when crossing the street. Both Tzu Chi students and organisers were looking forward to having the opportunity to do this again in the future, if possible. Here is to hoping that Tzu Chi Senior High and Kuen Cheng High School’s lasting friendship will remain till the end of time!