Jointly by:
Tan Yi Khai (Sr1ScD)
Amelia Ming (Sr1A)

A group of ten students and three teachers from Tokyo Jogakkan High School, Japan (TJK) arrived at Kuen Cheng High School on 23 July 2019 for a week-long intercultural program as well as sit in on regular lessons in the classroom.

On July 23 itself, Madam Loh Hoi Yuen, Head of the school Academic Department, welcomed the group and made introduction of both students and their respective host families at the A1 Meeting Room, before they were told about the schedule and program ahead.

The next morning, on July 24, all Japanese students came to Kuen Cheng High School and were clad in TJK school uniform. The day began with a video clip of the School History and its Redevelopment Project. After that, members from our News Bureau made a school tour for our guests. They have been shown to the Hall, classroom facility and labs in Kuen Cheng Kindergarten, where they met with a group of 5-year old kids and took group pictures, and the Library. During the conversation, we had had an interesting discovery when we asked about if they would prefer to take the staircase or a lift to the Library, and the answer we got from them was elevator! It was different, but, fun. And, the group was really impressed by the Library establishment and the services offered.



As there was not support to be provided by either the members of Broadcasting or Computer Club, we had to set up the stage with the help from Ashley at the Auditorium, to allow our guests to do the rehearsal for the upcoming official opening. In the beginning, it was a bit challenging, as there were limitations for our guests to express in English language. Anyhow, we managed to complete the task at the end.

Welcoming Ceremony was hosted by Madam Loh. Students of Class Sr1ScA, Sr1ScB, Sr1A, Sr1ComA, Sr1ComB were present as well. Our Principal, Dr Chua Lee Lee, extended a warm welcome to our special guests from Japan in her opening speech. She was also thankful to the commitment and kind support Tokyo Jogakkan High School has provided to Kuen Cheng High School since 1997. Our guests from Japan returned with an appreciation and made an introduction of all the participants at the event. And, they later shared their hobbies with our students in simple English. Moving on, the Japanese students talked briefly about their school and did a short performance of their traditional dance. They then invited students from Kuen Cheng High School to dance along up on the stage. There you go, volunteer-students had even received local Japanese sweets for being so supportive in the activity!

The rest of the day for the Japanese students was filled with well-designed class lessons and activities together with their fellow classmates.  Our guests have even begun to enjoy the local food, like Nasi Lemak, Chee Cheong Fun and Milo during recess. There was not much of a problem for communication at the end of the day.

Later in the afternoon, the exchange students have been brought back to the meeting room as they were introduced a series of Indian culture which was presented by our English teachers included Ms Jaya, Ms Kasturi. Festive activities like Ponggal and Deepavali, the victory of light against darkness had been mentioned. Our guests have also been given a try on traditional Indian outfits and Henna, the traditional drawing on the hand. This has caused some stir and excitement among the participants of the day.

On July 25, our guest students from Japan had tried on their Kuen Cheng school uniform. They joined the flag raising ceremony and then later into two periods of lesson in their respective class, before they adjourned to the city tour.  They were brought to Batu Caves, Batik Factory and the Royal Selangor that offers pewter souvenirs. Students Journalists stayed on in the school to complete the lessons of the day and concluded the visit with a summary report. It was truly meaningful and a great opportunity for us to meet up with international students right on our doorstep.