Reported by:
Ng Choon Hau Sr3A

     In an effort to provide Senior Three students some insight into the electives offered in the Senior United Examination Certificate (SUEC) examination, on the 6th of February 2021, the Academic Department held briefings for three electives: Business Studies, Arts, and Computer and Information Technology.

     The briefing for Business Studies was held first, from 1.15pm to 2pm. It was specifically directed towards Senior Three Commerce and Arts and Commerce students, and was hosted by Head of the Business Studies Department, Mr Chan Chee Yong.

     Mr Chan began by introducing the syllabus, of which is composed of 22 chapters split into three textbooks. Then, he went over the format of the examination, which is split into an objective paper weighing 30% and a subjective paper weighing 70%. He also showed some sample questions to familiarise potential exam-takers with what they would be getting into.


     On a stern note, he reminded students that they would have to face this subject in conjunction with eight other SUEC subjects, with only weekly classes going over a chapter per 90-minute class. As such, he implored students to really consider registering for this subject. Academic Department Head Madam Leong Wai Yee reinforced that sentiment, stating that students should take full responsibility for their own choices.

rsz_suecelectives_2Mr Chan reminding students of their eight other registered subjects.

     Mr Chan’s briefing ended after having taken some questions from the attendees.

     Next, the briefing for Arts commenced, conducted by Head of the Arts Department, Ms Ong Sook Wan.

     Ms Ong started the briefing by going over the examination format, of which is separated into an objective paper worth 15% on art theory; and a practical paper comprising three sections:

– Graphite Drawing (still life or figure drawing) (worth 35%),

– Painting (watercolour or ink wash painting) (worth 20%),

– Creative Expression (graphic design or 3D model creation) (worth 30%).

     She then showcased works of past students to give attendees an idea of what would be expected. She added that students with weaker art skills are encouraged to show up often to weekly classes.



     In addition, she mentioned that those interested in signing up for the subject could send her a sample of their graphite drawing via Whatsapp at 016-259 7577 so that she could gauge their ability level and help accordingly.

     With that, the talk came to a close at 2.30pm.

     The briefing for the Computer and Information Technology elective soon commenced, hosted by Computer Studies Department Head Mr Chong Sau Hor.

     Similarly to the first two briefings, Mr Chong first went over the syllabus and examination format, of which is split into an objective and a subjective paper at a 40:60 mark allocation ratio.

     After that, he showed some sample questions from past year papers as testing waters for those thinking of taking up the subject. He noted that students with avid interest in solving everyday technology-related problems would fare well in this exam, as not much memorisation is involved.

rsz_suecelectives_5Sample question for the Computer and Information Technology paper.

     However, like Mr Chan, he advised students to take this subject seriously and to pay attention in after school classes, so as to not flunk the examination last minute.

     The talk came to an end at 3pm after some attendees’ questions were answered.

     Senior Three students would have until the 15th of February to register for the SUEC examination.