Jointly reported by:
Lew Yuen Teng Sr3ComA 15070
Ng Ting Hui Sr2ScF 16915

On 21st June 2020, Sr2 and Sr3 students with their respective class teachers, all gathered at Zoom video platform for an online class meeting with our Principal, Dr Chua Lee Lee. This meeting was split into two parts; firstly Madam Chua addressed all participating students on the School’s reopening procedure, and after that all students returned to their respective online classrooms for a more detailed meeting with their class teachers. The purpose of these two meetings was to ensure that students would be ready for the School’s reopening and a new normal way of life.

At her opening address, the Principal gave a brief introduction on actions being carried out within our School during the past three long months of Movement Control Order (MCO) beginning 18 March 2020. Schools in Malaysia, by MOE Guidelines, are finally allowed to resume classes for students that prepare to participate in the public examinations. Through these tough times, students and teachers had begun online learning with no prior experience in general, but, all classes were conducted as scheduled with everyone’s hard work and dedication. As some of the teachers had been digital immigrants, they somehow took the time and picked up the tricks of the trade in teaching online through Zoom at the end of the day. Madam Chua continued to say, “Although the government had allowed schools to resume classes for Form 5 and Form 6, we are still at risk as the vaccine for Covid-19 has yet to be developed for use. Moreover, according to reports, the Selangor district is a medium risk area and 60% of the students take public transport to school, the school is concerned about our students’ health and safety.”

Moving on, the School will be introducing Blended Learning method instead. The School has decided to combine digital learning tools with more traditional classroom face-to-face teaching. For our School lessons, a class will be split into two, with the same teacher entering the same class twice meeting different students, unlike other schools which are using projectors. With this arrangement, teachers are able to track the progress of their students in both classes. Besides that, Madam Chua also stressed the importance of self-discipline and time management during online lessons as the progress in learning between students will be revealed after a period of time. With only two days at School, students should also take this chance to ask questions to teachers. The Principal also reminded everyone on the importance of staying safe at school, by wearing face masks, washing hands and observing social distancing. Finally, she thanked everyone for their cooperation, including parents and students who have earlier supported and completed the school’s Survey pertaining to Reopening, and gave her best wish to all students.

Immediately after the Principal’s speech, Senior 2 and Senior 3 students headed to their designated Zoom meeting room to discuss the rules and regulations for the school reopening and its preparations. Standard Operating Procedures were being told to students, as well as new Class Committees for each class as the respective class in both levels has already been split in half, as per the Ministry of Health’s SOP for preventive health and safety.