Jointly reported by:
Lee Xue Rui Jr2Z6
Ng Yan Wen Sr2ScH

As the festive season draws closer under the pandemic, the Newsletter Club has conducted a series of interviews with various frontline workers in conjunction with the School Spring Festival Cultural Week, to bring everyone some insight and new year’s hope. One such interview is with Deputy Superintendent Tuan Seah from IPD Brickfields’ Crime Prevention and Community Policing Department, who has been on the task force for 19 years.

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To the present, there still remain people who make light of the situations and did not respond correctly to the ongoing impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Tuan Seah assesses that most are “the youngsters, who’ve gotten bored staying inside”. He asserts that should the police encounter anyone who disobeys the SOP, they will not hesitate to take action (in the form of an RM1000 fine). Tuan Seah also has a reminder for these careless people: “You might be young and tough enough to not seriously suffer from being infected. But do not forget about your elders at home, your neighbours, friends and loved ones who have more to lose. So, think twice, and hold no regrets.” Tuan Seah hopes that everyone can do their part to flatten the curve, as there is still a long way to go. “At least until the end of the year,” he states.

Misinformation and fake news also run rampant during these trying times. Tuan Seah names two main culprits—selfish clout chasers, and bored internet trolls. Punishment for them varies in terms of the severity and depends on whether people come forward to make reports about them. But Tuan Seah believes that if they hinder government operations, then higher officials would certainly not let these rumour-mongers off easily. “Do not go too far,” he says, “or else do not regret the day we turn up at your door.”

Recently, under the Emergency Ordinance 2021, the gazettement to safeguard the country from the economic threat posed by the Covid-19 pandemic, Tuan Seah mentioned that Polis Diraja Malaysia (PDRM) have had the opportunity to work with the Malaysian Armed Forces (MAF) in enforcing relevant regulations. Tuan Seah said he was glad to have the MAF around. They have aided in conducting roadblocks, greatly reducing the burden on his fellow officers, since conducting roadblocks is quite taxing, as they are underway 24 hours a day. In general, they have been very helpful and cooperative with the PDRM in carrying out law enforcement, understanding that the PDRM is more experienced in the enforcement of the law.

With the persisting pandemic for over a year now, and more time to pass before the vaccine arrives in Malaysia, Tuan Seah hopes that everyone understands the severity of this crisis. He reminds everyone to obey the SOP, wear your masks, wash hands thoroughly, practice social distancing, and of course, drink more water. “As people are forgetful, we should always remind ourselves and others around us to follow the SOP. ‘Kita jaga kita’ – to protect our own self is a must in a time like this.”

Lastly, Tuan Seah wishes all students in Kuen Cheng High School good health, good grades, and everyone a Healthy & Happy Chinese Lunar New Year.