The 2014 SPM results were released on the 3/3/ 2015 and Kuen Cheng High School students made the school proud by obtaining 99.8% percentage passes.

A total of 185 students obtained 7As to 13As which is equivalent to 37.83%.


The individual results of our students are also excellent.

13A – 12 students

12A -15 students

11A- 29 students

10A – 28 students

9A- 26 students

8A- 34 students

7A- 41 students


Our school SPM candidates (489 students) sat for a total of 18 subjects and students scored 100% passes for 13 subjects. There are Malay, English, Chinese, Moral Education, History, Mathematics, Additional Mathematics, Science, Art, Book-keeping, Economics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Chinese Literature, Islam Education, English Literature, English Science & Technology.