Reported by Lee Ai Lin Sr2ScC 16642

It was announced that the Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO), has once more, been extended until 18 December 2020. This has alerted both teachers-in-charge and students who will be taking SPM, JUEC and SUEC as it disrupts dates of our School Trial Exams. However, Kuen Cheng High School decided to continue the trials but with a little twist, it will be conducted online with a Practice concept. As the Practice would be new to all, a special briefing was convened on November 12th for teachers and students to get hold of how the examination goes. It began at 2.00 pm for Junior 3 students and 3.15 pm for Senior 2 and 3 students via the Zoom platform.

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The briefing started with a few words from the Principal, Dr Chua Lee Lee. She went over to commiserate with students, who were supposed to take the external examinations as scheduled, upon the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic, an unprecedented global crisis. Despite all obstacles and barriers, she advised the students to keep their heads up and spend extra time in doing preparations for the upcoming examination. She also made a promise to Senior 3 students, the graduating class of 2020, that actual graduation ceremony will be held in the School Hall as soon as it is safe to do so.

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Consequently, Ms Leong Wai Yee, Head of the Academic Department, gave a detailed introduction on the Online Mock Exam Practice (the Practice). It would be treated as only practice in order to understand the students’ abilities and to help check if they are ready with proper preparations. Thus, the online Practice would make up 15% of the year-end assessment marks. The remaining percentage will include homework (30-40%), regular class tests (30-40%) and online class performance (15%).

The Practice will be conducted on the Google Classroom. Each student has to join the assigned class where questions will have to be uploaded five minutes before the session begins. Students have to prepare their own stationeries, test pad (A4 paper if not available) and graph papers for certain subjects. Throughout the Practice, students are required to turn on their webcam on Zoom for invigilation. If there are problems such as the internet connection, students have to inform their subject teacher at once accordingly.

Wishing all the best to the SPM, JUEC and SUEC candidates!