Jointly reported by:
Sophia Ng Szu Fei Sr1ScA 17685
Lee Xue Rui Jr1K 20653


As the new daily cases of the Covid-19 are slowly dropping in Malaysia, many schools have decided to open up again, based on the Ministry of Education (MOE) guidelines. Kuen Cheng High School was one of them to resume the face-to-face classrooms.

When the students of both Junior One and Three Levels first arrived at school in the morning of 24 July 2020, they were greeted by several teachers reminding them to stay one meter apart from each other as a safety measure. Before they can go further into the school, all students are required to fill out a form or scan, with their mobile phone sets, the My Sejahtera App developed by the Government.

After that, students were asked to walk in straight line into the Lee Shin Cheng Hall. Inside the Hall, all students, again in a straight line, had their body temperature taken by the automatic infrared body temperature scanners, devices being used to monitor forehead skin temperature. After the whole procedure, students had their usual Student ID checked and then moved forward to their respective classes. During the whole process, teachers on duty were there to make sure students strictly followed the SOP and guidelines issued by the MOE.

At 7:20 sharp, the flag raising ceremony began as normal. Immediately, after the flag raising ceremony there was also the usual 10-minute Early Reading Session. All of the classes in each Level have been split into two groups, Group A and Group B. Each group has about 25 to 30 students. All of the student desks were arranged to be one meter apart and students have been advised not to talk to each other or go to visit their friends in another class.

As soon as the first recess bell rang, each group‘s representatives have gone to the cafeteria to help the rest of the class collect their food pre-ordered while the class remained seated in their classrooms. During this recess period, teachers on duty have also come out to patrol on each floor to make sure students obeyed the SOP and the relevant rules.

During the second recess period, students have been told to return to the Hall again to have their body temperature recorded. Classes have been called through the School broadcasting system to line up and proceed to the hall. As students lined up and walked to the hall, teachers were also there to help guide the students and make sure they observe the social distancing rule.

Every Level of students returns to the School in batches, this can help reduce the total number of people in the school and minimize the risk of further spread of the virus. Each Level of students will have a total of four-day Online Lessons and two-day physical classes and actual interactions at the School.

The pandemic has changed everyone’s lives around the world from a daily basis at work or in a school. As we are adapting to this change and a new normal in life, we know it is all for a greater good.