Reported by:
Lee Ai Lin Sr2ScC 16642

Kuen Cheng High School’s Rhythmic Gymnastics Club held a farewell party for Senior 2 and 3 graduates via the Zoom video platform on July 26th 2020, Sunday. The Club members joined five minutes earlier and the party started at 12:30 pm sharp. An uplifting music was played in the background while waiting for the party to begin.

“Buckle up, everyone! Time Machine No. RG726 is ready to take off. All passengers are required to remain muted throughout the flight. Thank you for your kind attention and cooperation. Today’s destination dates back from 2015 to 2020.” It started off by all the non-graduating club members performing a sign language with the song “Feng Zheng (Kite)” in the background. The club members were able to express their gratitude towards the graduating seniors through this performance. Next, a video was being played, produced earlier by the club members containing each of them doing a “TikTok” dance spreading love to the graduating seniors.

Moving on, the club members played a trivia game on the Kahoot website. A bunch of funny and interesting questions were asked and everyone had a blast. Another video was played after about the memories of every club member together since 2016 till today. All the blood, sweat and tears shed to get to where they are today paid off. Then, the emotional moment awaits, a short speech from our graduating seniors. Most of the club members shed tears because they had many sad yet happy memories together throughout their high school years in the club. A surprise guest, the Coach, Ms Teoh Chin Yie joined the farewell party to give a few words to all the club members. Her message was short but inspiring and encouraging. Time Machine RG726 landed in 2020 at 2.15 pm. The club members bid each other farewell and wished the graduating seniors the best in all their future endeavors.