Jointly reported by:
Thian Yi-Ming Sr2ScD 16806
Ng Choon Hau Sr2A 16066

The Kuen Cheng Newsletter Club has reached the near of its second year since its formation in 2019, with numerous events covered and hundreds of articles written. Despite having little to none major events this year due to the ongoing pandemic, our school’s reporters have still been at work, covering online events with the same enthusiasm as before. With this, shall we say, somewhat different year coming to an end, it is the time of reflection and the 6th of November was chosen for that.


Taking place in the now-familiar Zoom application, the young reporters, committee members and advisory teachers started off strong with the arrangement of the coverage of upcoming events. Right after, they tackled on the various issues that were present in the club, as the club is admittedly new.

Topics that were touched on consisted of the writing and submitting of articles, duty schedules, meeting participation, et cetera. One item that was highlighted during the meeting was that Student Reporters do not need to apply for permission from the Disciplinary Department to bring cameras, as they would have a Student Reporter Pass when carrying out their duties. The club’s Vice-President, Ho Yixuan also noted that there were less problems this year compared to the previous year, most probably due to the lack of physical activities.

After 30 minutes of discussions, the procedure to apply and try for a seat in the club’s 2021 Committee was announced, but a vote would not take place on that day since not all members were present at the time. The Club President also made a humbling confession and wrapped it all up with a conclusion.

A few weeks after the review meeting, on the 25th of November, a farewell party was held, once again, over Zoom. The turnout of this farewell party was much higher than the review meeting, as members were all properly informed.


The Club President once again presided over the meeting, first announcing the lineup of next year’s Committee Members. Due to a lack of self-nominations, the voting process for committee members was cancelled and the process was done internally. The announced lineup was as follows:

Kuen Cheng Newsletter Club Committee 2021

President: Khoo Qi

Vice President: Chang Qian Hung, Cheam Wen Han

Secretary cum Academic Coordinator: Tham Ven Yan, Ng Choon Hau, Soo Zi Ming

Treasurer: Yiap Ning Xuan

rsz_3The 2021 Committee Lineup

Afterwards, everyone was asked to turn on their camera in preparation for the next segment. Then, all graduating Senior Three students (and one Senior Two school leaver) were invited to give speeches on their feelings of their coming departure. All of them didn’t regret joining the Newsletter Club, wishing the best for its future. The newbies, who made up a large number of the Senior Three students, also expressed joy in having picked up new skills like interviewing, photography, and report writing.

That was followed by the three former Heads: Tan Yi Khai, Ho Yixuan and Yu Xiao Shuang, giving their wishes for the Newsletter Club. They admitted that though there had been faults along the way, they were still happy that everyone spent their time well here. Then, they wished all graduating seniors a bright future, and the club for a better year.

Then, the three Teacher Advisors of the Club: Ms Helen Foo Mun Yee, Ms Song Yin Ying, and Ms Lim Kim Ling gave their speeches, encouraging our reporters to never curb their enthusiasm for the club. They also commended everyone for their hard work, especially Lew Yuen Teng of the English group, who despite taking an absence halfway through the year, still managed to write over ten articles. The latter two teachers were happy to watch the club prosper, ending their speeches with high hopes for the coming year.

With that, the simple farewell party came to a close. May the Newsletter Club enjoy a joyous and eventful 2021!

rsz_4Group Photo!