Madam Gooi Swee Gaik has devoted 26 years to Kuen Cheng High School leading the institution towards diversification, enhancing the quality of education and professionalism along the way.

Mdm Gooi received her early education in Penang Chinese Girl’s High School. She continued her studies in Taiwan where she studied at the National Taiwan University and later in the United States of America.

She had a profound passion for teaching during her secondary school years. With that desire, she pursued and successfully earned a Masters’ degree in Educational Psychology from University of Illinois. She then 15 years at Catholic High School as an educator.

In July, 1990, she was appointed as the principal at Kuen Cheng High School. With strong administrative leadership, she collaborates with Kuen Cheng’s Board of Directors and immerses herself  in Kuen Cheng’s re-development projects; expanding  the school and promoting  equal education for both genders.


At Kuen Cheng High School, we enhance qualitative and effective education whereby we promote ethical and moral education with human qualities and scientific values as our school principles. We endeavour to produce students with a sense of humanism and internationalism. We equip our students with a global mindset to ensure a successful outlook in life in the future.

In order to cope with global challenges, we inspire our students to think globally. The school has embarked on interactive programmes including educational and social visits to foreign countries and cultural exchange programme to broaden the students’ horizon. They play an important role in developing the students’ global mindset and self-confidence when competing with the rest of the world.

Kuen Cheng High School has upgraded its vision of a premier school with the setting up of a brand new Multimedia Language Learning Centre to introduce computer-aided teaching of English using an excellent software that is tailored to our students’ needs and to promote online learning.

Here, we incorporate the latest multimedia techniques, combined with classroom teaching and audio visual aids backed up by highly trained teachers to enhance our pupils’ English Language skills. Learning tools include online resources, film, literature, electronic sense surround equipment, a dedicated server base and microphones, and classes are conducted in a congenial and relaxed environment. Students are put into the virtual and real world.

Another highlight is the Astronomy Club which is a newly added ECA that takes you on a tour to some of the most exotic and beautiful places in the universe, like exploring the surface of the moon or gazing at the stars and much more like studying of planets.

The school infrastructure and physical environment will provide the setting for enriching and maximising the learning capacity of pupils. With Kuen Cheng’s large-scale systematic upgrading programme to ensure that the school meets the latest demanding standards in education, we are confident that we will create a totally effective physical climate for teaching and learning. Beyond this, we also strive for continual improvement in all other aspects.

From such humble beginning, the school has seen a phenomenal growth over the years.

Finally, I would like to thank the Board of Directors who works closely with me, the Management & Academic Teams and the Teaching Staff, not forgetting the parents for their unfailing support in helping to make Kuen Cheng High School an excellent school that nurtures the talents and abilities of the students and gives them the opportunity to be the best of whatever they can be!