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Ng Choon Hau Sr2A 16066


       On the 17th of December 2020 (Thursday), a talk for Senior Two students and their respective form teachers was held at 10am. Its purpose was to brief the candidates on upcoming official Trial Exams for Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) 2020 Examination, this time to be held in February 2021 due to the outbreak of COVID-19, as well as their class arrangements for the first two months in the following year.

       The talk began with a speech from our Principal, Dr Chua Lee Lee. She opened by stating that the current situation of the pandemic is worse than that in March, hence students must prioritise their health as the SPM examination is approaching. She reiterated the importance of also having good results in the upcoming official Trial Exam as our MOE, in times where an emergency happened which affected the marking process, the outcome from Trial Exam can be a good reference to reflect a student actual performance. Therefore, all students must get ready and try to do well in the forthcoming SPM Trial Exam.


       The Principal then went over the desired outcome for the trial exams: to be held from January 5th to 16th. This way, SPM candidates can still attend a few weeks of classes for reinforcement before Chinese New Year on February 10th and the actual SPM examination beginning February 22nd. However, if the situation of the pandemic remained largely grim, the trials would be held starting from school reopening day instead.

       Students, anyhow, were advised to wait for December 24th on when trials will actually be held. The Principal again hoped that teachers and students will follow closely and cooperate with the Administration’s instructions, as teachers wanted the best for their students. Finally, she advised students to avoid going out, stay healthy, and wished them good luck in preparation for the trials.

       Next, Assistant Head of the Academic Department, Mr Ooi Hun Huang, elaborated further on the official SPM Trials Schedule and arrangements for Senior Two students from January 20th to February 22nd, 2021.

       Senior Two students will continue to stay in their 2020 classes and follow same teachers during preparation time for SPM. They would have to come back for physical classes for two days (Wednesday – Friday only), have one class period per subject, totalling five classes in a day. Online Lessons would only be arranged upon students’ or teachers’ request.


       From January 20th to February 22nd, the aforementioned arrangements would take place. After the Chinese New Year holidays ending on February 16th, a new timetable will be available school-wide on February 17th, catering Senior Three students. SPM candidates will make arrangement for their examination halls on February 18th and sit for the exam from February 22nd to March 24th. Moving on, March 27th to April 4th marks the school holidays, wherein Senior Three students could start ordering their textbooks online. On April 5th, Senior Three students would begin their originally scheduled courses.

       Taking into account the candidates’ meal arrangements, candidates would also be able to order meals for the Trials via an online form that would be available from 21st December till 3pm on 26th December.


       Finally, Madam Leong Wai Yee, Head of the Academic Department, closed the talk by referring students with any questions to a notice summarising the contents of the talk. That notice would be posted online after the Closure Ceremony the following day. She hoped students would take these changing times as a learning experience in handling stress and uncertainties in life.