Jointly reported by:
Ng Ting Hui Sr2ScF 16915
Tan Qing Lin Sr2ScB 16632

On the 7th of September, our Academic Department organized an online talk about pathway for Senior 2 students, offered by the school. Specifically, Mr Ooi Hun Huang, Assistant Head of Academic Department hosted this seminar for students from Senior 2 Commerce and Science streams.


During the one-hour talk, Mr Ooi brought up the issue that has affected a large part of the school’s plan, which was the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. “As any Kuen Cheng High School student would know, Senior 3 is a traditional pathway the school has provided since the early days when it was formed,” said Mr Ooi, and “many school alumni that did not further their studies to Senior 3 regretted their decision to leave one year earlier than their peers as they lost the chance to experience the peak of their secondary school life.”


As Mr Ooi continued, he showed us our opportunities to study abroad and comparison between the UEC and other pre-university programmes to let Senior 2 students have a better insight into the advantages of continuing with Senior 3. “You can save a lot of money if you consider becoming a Senior 3 in an Independent Chinese School.” Mr Ooi then addressed as there is huge difference in the cost of living being in school and in college. Besides, he also showed us a lot of activities and events that had been hosted by Senior 3 students throughout the years as a lot of them claimed it was fulfilling to them.



This led us to the next session where a lot of blessing had been given from teachers and alumni to Senior 2 students who were ready to take on the journey to further their studies in Senior 3.  “I will surely respect your choice and hope for the best even when some of you might want to leave here after the SPM Exam. But, if you are willing to stay on and take the courage to face any challenges along the way, we will fight through any adversities together.” said Teacher Soo from the Mathematics Department. Later, several teachers and alumni also showed their encouragement and support for completing the full course of secondary school studies, some of them even shared their experience throughout.



The seminar ended after an hour through the ZOOM video platform. A lot of information was given through this Talk and students were ought to choose their right pathway on further studies for what suits the best for them.