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Tan Ginny Sr1A 17893
Ng Choon Hau Sr2A 16066

On the 28th of May 2020, Kuen Cheng High School Calligraphy Club hosted an online calligraphy lettering class, taught by their current Coach, Mr Sow Feng Sheng. The class kicked off at 4pm sharp, with about 200 viewers right off the start of the lesson.

The coach started off with the basics of calligraphy, first demonstrating how to create a framework for lettering practice and writing the word “happy” as a demo for beginners to follow.


After that, he moved on to teaching how to draw several kinds of decorative flowers and leaves that were supposed to be draw in watercolors around the words lettered to enhance the look. He taught us three kinds of different flower types and two succulents.


The end of the demonstrations quickly led to a hands-on lettering a simple word of “love” and making it into a complete art piece. Slow and precise, the word took form on his art block paper, with various shades of blue and purple mixed into a glorious hue.

The coach moved on to the next step in the lettering progress: flower painting. He demonstrated three types of flowers, each with varying difficulty. He also painted some simple leaves with a fine tip watercolors brush. Then, he painted a bouquet of flowers and leaves around the word, creating a beautiful accentuation around the gorgeous letters. The painting was completed after creating some simple stars by stroking his paintbrush.


After the completion of his artwork, he showcased some of his previous work. His showcase consisted of many magnificent, graceful artworks, which he stated a good portion of them had been created on his Instagram Live Stream.


That was followed by a quick Q&A session, with the coach answering questions regarding his choice of paintbrushes, paint types and his history of artistic lettering. He had stated, in the Q&A, that he started out as a mural artist and Chinese calligrapher, and had only recently worked with English calligraphy. He had also stated that he was blown away by the number of attendees to his talk, as he had originally expected 20 or so people to show up. With that, the class came to a close. Those interested in seeing more from the coach can find him on Instagram via @lewind_calliholic.