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Jointly by:
Isabel Goh Ern Zi (Sr1ScB), Thian Yi-Ming (Sr1ScD) & Amelia Ming Xuen (Sr1A)

On Friday, 2 August 2019, Kuen Cheng High School welcomed a visit from Wind Orchestra of National Magong High School, Taiwan. Our friendship dates back to 2017 when both parties became sister school.  The relationship has since benefited both schools. This prestigious school situated in Penghu, Taiwan, held a concert entitled Music Harmony Peace hand in hand with our school’s Wind Orchestra on the following night.

A warm welcome address was delivered to our special guests by the Principal, Dr Chua Lee Lee when she took upon the stage. Following, Ngew Ze An, a student representative gave a briefing on the school system. After that, our school teacher, Mr Yao Chee Bing talked about the development history of independent Chinese schools in Malaysia. And then, Mr Huang, who has recently retired as headmaster of Magong High School went onstage to introduce the National Magong High School, which has a history of 76 years. Both parties made exchange of gifts, including some local snack and specialty. Refreshments of local delights were also served.

All students returned to the auditorium after a short break, where a member of the Kuen Cheng’s Wind Orchestra gave an introduction on Malaysia’s unique culture and even taught their new Taiwanese friends simple phrases of Bahasa Melayu, in which our guests have responded with great enthusiasm. Students of both schools were also given the chance to experience the local culture through a variety of activities. Our guests were then introduced to some interesting games. They had a blast meddling with each other through playing Congkak, drumming on Kompang, trying on Malay and Indian traditional attire, as well as getting Henna tattoos on their hands. Teachers of the Malay and Indian ethnics were glad to partake in this activity by providing their respective traditional clothing and doing the drawing of Henna for our female guest tudents. The students gleefully showed the intricate patterns on their hands as they posed for a group photo.

Lunch was served immediately. A horde of students infiltrated the canteen, with plates in their hands heaping with chicken rice and bean sprouts with a side of satay. Both schools chatted, enjoyed the great meal while they were relishing the moment of joy and delight. With all bellies filled, the group of students went into the Wind Orchestra Room for a brief rest to prepare for the setting up of the stage for the concert on the following night.

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Shortly after, all students moved into the hall carrying their musical instruments. While students of the Kuen Cheng Wind Orchestra arranged the chairs, preparing for their big day, the members of the Magong Wind Orchestra rehearsed their set list to get accustomed to the hall. Alluring chords reverberated throughout the hall. After about a 2-hour practice, both bands grouped together and started doing their rehearsal. All of them have worked hard to ensure that the concert would be a striking success and memorable one. This visit from our sister school had not only brought the members of both orchestras closer, but had also deepened a strong bond in our friendship.

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