Jointly by:
Ng Choon Hau (Sr1A)
Yee Wen Shuen (Sr1C)

On the 5th of November 2019, a group of ten students from Papar Middle School, Tawau, Sabah arrived at Kuen Cheng High School as part of their “Sending Warmth, Let Love Flow” campaign to raise funds for a new school dormitory. Among the people they were accompanied with were the President of Papar’s Board of Directors, Mr Chee Man Foh, Principal, Mdm Chok Nyuk Chaw, their Head of Academics Ms Lily Voon Fui Chu and special guests from Dong Zong.

After taking a group photo at the volleyball court at 8am, the students, led by prefects, set off around the school grounds to collect charitable funds from students and teachers alike; while the administrative representatives of both Kuen Cheng High School and Papar Middle School moved into the A1 Meeting Room to commence their exchange event. (4)

The exchange event began with Mdm Chok playing a short clip introducing their campaign, then briefed on the tiny town of Papar and Papar Middle School, giving Kuen Cheng administration a glance into the humble town’s sociopolitical climate and the school’s past graduates’ modest yet amazing feats. Their campaign plans to raise RM1.7 million across a nationwide 15-day tour to the Independent Chinese Secondary Schools. (2)

Meanwhile, the students went to the classrooms to collect donations from students and teachers. Even though Junior 3 and Senior 3 students were on break, and the Senior 1 Science students were away on a trip, they still made due with all the generous donations received from students. They also received donations from teachers and other administrative staff alike before counting their total in the A1 meeting room. (1)

Kuen Cheng administrative teachers introduced our school’s core education goals and various programs. Meanwhile, the prefects led the students around the school for a tour after counting the money. They were amazed when they were shown the many facilities in our newly furnished block. Kuen Cheng High School Secretary of the Board of Directors, Datuk Chong Tho Chin delivered his sincerest support and the best wishes to Papar representatives on behalf of the school Board. He was accompanied by our Principal, Dr Chua Lee Lee, Deputy Principal, Madam Chong Siew Fah and Vice Principal, Ms Koo Lai Ping. After that, Mr Chee Man Foh and our guests took turns in giving speeches, and then souvenirs were handed out to them, concluding the event at 10.30am. A total of RM19,469 were raised from the students and teachers, while donations from our school Board brings that total sum to RM 49,469. (7) (8) (3)

We interviewed some Papar Middle School students and found out that they were graduates who sacrificed their graduation trip to take part in this fundraising campaign, which was worth it since it was their chance to show a final token of gratitude towards their school. They expressed shock over some students’ charity, which went up to RM50, and admired the generosity of our helpful students. This campaign was surely meaningful for them and they would be glad for our school to visit theirs as part of a future exchange. (6)