Jointly reported by:
Siow Wei Khuan Sr2ScF 16586
Lee Xue Rui Jr1K 20653

The “Let’s Change Challenge” was first introduced to the students on 30 March 2020. The main purpose for this activity is to let the students discover the little things positive in life in order to tackle the threat of social inactivity that comes along with the spread of coronavirus. Kuen Cheng High School Counseling Department has set up the Let’s Change Challenge that aims to entertain students at home by discovering the positive things to live for during quarantine and deliver the message of positivity. The activity currently has a total participation of 1774, around 38 percent of the school student population.

The challenge requires the participant to take four pictures; the first one of the participant’s current mood, the second would be the participant’s mood change, the third would be inspiration of the participant’s mood change and finally a picture with a slogan. The pictures are then uploaded with the participant inviting three other friends to the challenge. Through this activity, the counseling department is overjoyed to find students to be grateful for the aid as well as contribution from social and healthcare workers and that they are coping well with their families at home. It is hoped that students can learn to be more self-disciplined during the studying-from-home period.

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