Ng Choon Hau Sr1A

Chilling, daunting vocals were not to be missed at the auditorium from 10 a.m. to noon on the 8th of November 2019 as the Chinese Singing Competition finals took place. Junior 1 students were the audience members for the 15 finalists, 8 of which were Juniors whereas Seniors occupied the rest.


The judges were Elin Lee, a pianist and artist; Wu Yue Hua, a pianist; and our school’s two music teachers, Mr Sim Wei Yih and Ms Wong Sheau Hui. The judging criteria were based on technique (30 marks), creativity (25 marks), stage presence (25 marks) and outfit (20 marks).


A video on theatre etiquette and the introduction of the four judges were followed by the Junior finals. The vocals heard were indubitably uplifting, coming from contestants that were 13 to 15 years of age. These contestants had to beat the many others in the preliminaries held from the 14th through the 17th of October, hereby giving them the chance to compete onstage in front of a large audience. Each contestant was accompanied with another student, playing the piano to further set the mood for their piece.

rsz_sing_3 rsz_sing_4

Next up was a video featuring an incredibly touching song with an even more touching backstory, followed by the Senior finalists. Once again, participants had showcased a very impressive vocal range, reaching tremendous notes and blowing the audience away. The song, “Daybreak”, proved to be very popular amongst contestants, as four Senior and three Junior participants had chosen this song about parental loss. One of the main highlights of this segment was when a finalist put his own jazzy spin on the classic nursery rhyme “Jasmine Flower”

rsz_sing_5 rsz_sing_6

Another video proving that determination succeeds against all odds was played then judges gave their comments regarding the finalists’ performances. Mr Wu commented on the stage presence of the performers, as well as the lack of tacit understanding between the pianists and finalists in terms of tempo and volume. Ms Lee appreciated the tone of the contestants, but felt a lack of calm and creative interpretation from most of them.

Souvenirs were handed out for the judges and the prize giving ceremony commenced. Below are the results of the competition:

Junior category:

First place: Ee Zi Chen from Jr3A with “Ussuri Boat Song”

Second place: Ooi Xiao Qi from Jr2B with “Olive Tree”

Third place: Chong Yoke Poh from Jr3N with “Daybreak”

Consolations: Cheok Yu Jun from Jr1B with “Pear Trees Blossom Again”; and Siow Kar Shuen from Jr2A with “Red Bean Song”


Senior category:

First place: Chan Tian Yi from Sr1ComD with “Daybreak”

Second place: Teh Le Zhao from Sr3ComB with “Daybreak”

Third place: Chan Xii from Sr3A with “Jasmine Flower”

Consolations: Miyo Ching Xin Ying from Sr1ScG with “Daybreak”; and Wong Heng Yan from Sr1ComC with “Pear Trees Blossom Again”


With that, the competition came to an end at 12 noon. It was certainly a musical day for all audience members. Congratulations to those who won and may our school be filled with their melodious singing. Music in Kuen Cheng High School certainly solidifies its place with this competition and the instrument ensemble competition, taking place in the Auditorium on this coming Monday.