Jointly reported by:
Lee Xue Rui 20653 Jr1K
Tan Qi Xuan 19451 Jr2A

Due to the pandemic spreading rapidly across the globe, everyone has been asked to stay at home. Our School, we believe would be the one and only that has used this time to hold an online Talent Show.

Students participated via a google form the teachers prepared earlier. They presented their performance through Zoom video meeting platform where many other students logged in to attend and watch the amazing shows. It was held on 3 June 2020.

There were six participants and seven shows. The contestants’ performances varied from modern dancing to drama acting. Two of them had been presented by our lovely prefect, Lee Chee Jing from Sr1ComC. Both of his performances were lipsyncing and dancing. The first song was Tell It to My Heart by Taylor Dayne and the next was the infamous song Firework by Katy Perry. All of his moves were full of energy one after the other, he had virtually rocked the whole house!

Among all remarkable performances, Junior 1 student Khong Sin Hui stood out the most, being the only Junior student to participate in the talent show, her courage had earned her many compliments and admiration in the Comment Section of the Zoom meeting where the friendly competition was held. Her dance performance of the well-known song “You’re The Most Important” from a famous China survival show, Produce Camp 2020 had received a standing ovation from the audience, her lovely charm and striking dance moves being a huge contribution towards her rocketing popularity among the participants.

Naturally, there were others who expressed themselves through different talents, such as singing and playing the guitar. One of Kuen Cheng’s Music Teachers had praised the students’ choice of song and talent in singing in the Comment Section, for she had been one of the audiences during their performance. Another student from Sr3ScA had prepared a particularly unique performance, with a readied video of her trying out multiple special online lessons the school had arranged, her hilarious antics kept the audience laughing throughout the whole recording.

As the talent show came to an end, the audience was asked to vote for the best performance, in their personal opinion. After the poll had ended, the emcees thanked everyone profusely for attending, including the contestants who worked hard for their performance and the teachers who ensured programmes had been smoothly run.

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