Ng Choon Hau Sr1A

Ah, another year, another graduating class. The 16th of November 2019 marked the official last day of school for this year’s 474 Senior 3 students, as at the end of that day; they are officially declared Kuen Cheng High School alumni. This momentous day prefaced with a throwback showcase video playing in the grand hall before the commencing of the ceremony at 10 a.m. Teachers and family members of graduates alike all came to witness this grand ceremony.


The ceremony started with Madam Tan Tat Chin, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of the school, giving a speech on education. She states that education provides students with qualities that prepare them for the real world, and that education can turn students into contributing members of society, living comfortable lives. Next up was our Principal, Dr Chua Lee Lee giving a speech, stating that Kuen Cheng High School will forever be the graduates’ second home, welcoming them with open arms should they ever think of home. She ended her speech with a blessing, “today, you take pride in your school; tomorrow, your school takes pride in you”.


After that, the prize giving ceremony commenced. All graduate class monitors went onstage to receive everyone’s graduation certificates on behalf of their classes. The top five achiever students in each class, the top ten achiever students of each stream and the most improved students of each stream went up next to collect their certificates to confirm their hard work and dedication. Academics are not the only sector where students are confirmed of their achievements; students from clubs who lifted the school’s name or performed noticeable service towards the school were also granted certificates. The most outstanding student achievers in the whole school went up next; firstly in terms of academics, then in terms of sports. Lastly, the Kuen Cheng Star Student Awards were granted to students who have significantly achieved a good name for our school.

rsz_grad_3 rsz_grad_4

Following that was the Head of Treasury and the Head of Advertising of the Senior 3 graduates’ committee granting a cheque of appreciation of RM92,300 to Kuen Cheng High School. Mr Lee Zi Hang, President of the committee, then gave a speech. Afterwards was a gratitude session, where a video showing the Senior 3 students’ gratitude towards their parents played. Everyone even collectively bowed for their parents after the video. The ceremony ended with all the graduates gathering onstage or in front of it and singing their graduation song, “Us”.

rsz_grad_5 rsz_grad_6

Everyone went around taking photos with their peers after the ceremony was over, truly a touching sight to behold. Though, the day was not over yet; there was still the graduation prom waiting for them at 6 in the evening.

The graduation prom, themed “A Thousand and One Arabian Nights”, was meaningful in a way to capture the last moments of the graduates’ adolescence and youth. Dinner was followed by various talented graduates performing and the choosing of prom king and queen. Another graduation song, “Butterfly”, played at the end of the prom, marking the official end of the Senior 3 students’ high school lives.

Here, I would also like to wish all Senior 3 students a happy graduation. Cherish the moments of your past, and may your future prosper brighter than ever!