Jointly reported by:
Lai Siang Ching Sr1ComC 17802
Ng Choon Hau Sr2A 16066


       On 29th August 2020, a virtual Excellent External Examinations Award Ceremony was held. In view of the recent increase in the number of COVID-19 cases detected, especially at the international points of entry to Malaysia, there are SOPs to be strictly adhered to in safeguarding the health and well-being of all in the school. To make sure our School events run smoothly, the Ceremony was thus organized through ZOOM video platform as the stage.

       The School Board Secretary Datuk Chong Tho Chin and our Principal, Dr Chua Lee Lee gave a speech to start off the event. They wanted to thank our students and teachers in garnering impressive achievements in the external examinations. Besides that, they hoped that the students can keep up with the positive attitude so that they can do better in the future.



       After the speeches, the host first introduced the excellent students who got flying colours in their JUEC and SPM results. A lot of students got flying colours. Compared to last year, the ceremony this year took less time because the students did not need to go on stage for the award and take photos.


       Besides the award ceremony, there were also some interesting performances in between awards. We also have events like a poetry recital. It was performed by Hee Yit Seng and Yap Xiew Tong. The coordination and cooperation between them were so good that you couldn’t find any flaws in their performance. Plus, the content that they prepared was outstanding. Furthermore, we could see gymnastics performances with the background music of “This Is Me” playing in front of us. The performances were filmed separately and edited together as a video. Talent did not only be found in the performing students, but also the students behind- the-scenes who edited the video.


       Following that was the introduction of students who had gotten spectacular results in the SUEC examination. The hosts then announced our school’s achievements in the most recent Tan Kah Kee Cup of UEC Examination Results, in which our school had achieved the Outstanding Results award for the Junior Languages, Sciences and Mathematics, Social Sciences, and Art categories (for the third year in a row); as well as the Senior Languages, Mathematics, Social Sciences, Commerce, and Art categories (for the second year in a row). Overall, our school had achieved the undoubtedly impressive Gold Award for outstanding examination results from both the Category Junior and Senior.

       Of course, students wouldn’t have flying colours in their examinations if it weren’t in part for their teachers, tirelessly working day and night so that their students could get the best education possible. The next segment is dedicated to the host introducing our school’s outstanding teachers, the teachers behind our school’s specialized textbooks, and the school administration team, to thank them for their hard work and commitment to delivering the highest quality of education.




       The intermission performances for these segments included a cover of the song “Believe That You Are Limitless” by Eason Chan, performed by students from the Music Composing Club and the Guitar Club; as well as a piano recital of Fantasie Impromptu – Chopin, performed by a talented Senior Two student, Cheng Yu Xuan. These performances were certainly outlets to show off the creativity in the students of our school, as mentioned by the hosts, as they still managed to entertain masses even with the ongoing pandemic.



       With that, the hour-long ceremony ended at 4pm. The hosts bid everyone ado, wishing students to continue putting effort into and keeping up the good school work.