Tan Qi Hong (Sr2ComC)

What exactly is an education fair? An education fair is an event that people rush to get into, especially high school students who are planning for their further studies. Normally this type of exhibition will be held within big and spacious event hall, filled with many colleges and universities, each hoping to find new recruits for the future classes. But fortunately for students of Kuen Cheng High School, they did not need to fight tooth and nail or wait long in queue just to get a chance to ask a question about their courses of interest. They were presented an in-house education fair on Saturday of 20 July 2019, right inside the school.

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The event was planned and organized by the Counselling Department of Kuen Cheng High School. It was held in the school’s Lee Shin Cheng Hall. The event was exclusively open to the Senior 2 students for a short span of 1 hour and a half. The reason being that in general, Senior 2 students leave school after SPM examinations and they have a choice to enter into their college of interest for further studies. On the other hand, students were on the rise to move on to the Senior Three.

There were many varieties of colleges and universities that set up booths in the hall, those from abroad include countries like China, Japan, the United Kingdom, Australia, and local renowned colleges such as INTI College and Sunway College. There were also colleges that specialized in courses such as graphic designing and programming.

As the Senior 2 students entered the hall, each of them quickly made use of the time given by collecting brochures of their interest and made way to each of their colleges of interest. Sunway College’s booth was constantly surrounded by students as the Sunway students who were managing the booth were alumni of Kuen Cheng. Colleges and universities from the United Kingdom were also a big hit with the Senior 2 students. Many visited the King’s College’s booth as the questions regarding their courses of interest were answered in full detail by the people who managed the booth.

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When the bell rang for recess, the main hall was then open to all students, slowly, students from Junior 1 to Senior 3 came into the hall to explore and do a survey on the booths. Most Juniors were probably only interested in the free goodies that some of the colleges were offering. The Senior 2 students, some satisfied with their survey of the Education Fair, left the hall to enjoy their limited time of recess, while the students of other forms continued with their exploration.

The Education Fair ended at 3pm so that students could continue to get answers to their questions long after the school dismissal at 12 noon. Overall, the event was a huge success, as most students benefited through the discussions with the education counsellors and information provided. They find options and suitable programs to be continued at the tertiary institutions in a near future.

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