Isabel Goh Ern Zi (Sr1ScB)
Ng Choon Hau (Sr1A)
Ming Xuen Amelia (Sr1A)

Kuen Cheng High School conducted an extraordinary award giving ceremony, at the Lee Shin Cheng Hall, for high achieving students of the 2018 external examinations on 29 June 2019. Many existing students and graduates alike started showing up at 8am to register for the event.


The grand ceremony started with the singing of the national and school anthem. Once the hall has settled down, our Vice Chairman, Madam Tan Tat Chin was invited to give a speech and to officiate the opening of the ceremony.

In her condensed yet nothing short of interesting speech, she first congratulated the high achievers for their results in the external examinations taken in 2018. She then thanked and acknowledged the dedication and sacrifices made by our school teachers which brought our school to where it is today now‍. She also urged all students to constantly carry a heart of diligence and willingness to take initiative, balancing academic results with personal development. Madam Tan stated the importance of learning beyond our boundaries in growing as an individual among a dark society. The speech ended with a classic Chinese quote “It is never too old to learn.”

Following the speech was a briefing on the academic achievements of Kuen Cheng, given by our Principal, Dr Chua Lee Lee. Our notable results of flourishing students were credited to our dedicated teachers, late Chairman, Tan Sri Dato’ Lee Shin Cheng and the late Principal, Madam Gooi Swee Gaik.

Before the awards were presented, a self-written song titled “You” was sung by a 5-person band called Do-Re-Mi Dream while a short video clip played at the same time, thanking all teachers for their effort and commitment to giving the students the best schooling life over at Kuen Cheng High School.

The first award that had been presented was for the students that had scored 6A’s, 7A’s and 8A’s in the Junior Unified Examination Certificate (JUEC).

The following award was for the students that scored fantastic results ranging from 6A’s to 13A’s in their SPM examination. A heartwarming intermission featuring students from Jr1L singing the family appreciation song “Where Has the Time Gone?” was succeeded by the awards for Senior Unified Examination Certificate (SUEC) candidates scoring 6A’s up to 9A’s. The final awards granted were to those who scored the Top 10 Best Results in the SUEC examination.



Outstanding Teachers’ Award followed immediately after when the students’ award ceremony was held. Kuen Cheng High School has won numerous awards in the Chen Jiageng Cup Award 2019 for both JUEC and SUEC categories, which included the Overall Best Results from both of the examinations. Head of various departments took great pride in these achievements as they went onstage to receive their awards. Subsequently, teachers from various departments who taught Jr3, Sr2 and Sr3 classes in 2018 went onstage for a group photo to show the school’s great appreciation towards them since their dedication to students had brought the school amazing results. The award ceremony ended with the school choir singing a song titled “Because of You”. The grand hall was filled with tears of joy and happiness before the students bid farewell to their fellow classmates.