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Ng Choon Hau Sr2A 16066

October 9th marked the deadline for this year’s Junior Three students to select their Senior stream of choice: Science, Commerce, or Arts and Commerce. Stepping into this completely foreign beginning, decisions have undoubtedly been hard for them to make. A survey has been conducted amongst 26 Junior Three students in finding out more about what helped these students choose their streams and what they were looking forward to in this transition.


As an aid for the students, just a month ago, on September 10th, the Academic Department had prepared a talk explaining each stream’s syllabuses and the intricacies of their core subjects. Some aides were included to better leave impressions of what each stream is like. For example, a music video based on the four main sciences (biology, chemistry, physics, math) was included in explaining the Science stream; while Mr Chia Choon Han and another commerce teacher came on to relate the core subjects of the Commerce streams (bookkeeping and economics) to everyday life. The talk then encouraged the soon-to-be Seniors to take their own passions and abilities into account when choosing streams, and follow their heart in choosing what stream suits them.

Most felt that the talk deepened their understanding of the streams and their respective syllabuses, aiding them in picking their desired stream. A minority found it unhelpful, but that was because they already had a desired stream in mind. Some suggested that the school could let Junior Three students experience trial Senior classes, too, to get a more realistic grasp of what each stream felt like.

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Besides this talk, various other parties also helped the students pick their stream of choice. Almost half of the respondents got help from their parents or family members, who mostly gave more realistic advice concerning the different streams. Six students found the internet to be helpful in making a better informed choice. Meanwhile, five respondents had help from their same-age or senior-aged peers; while another five made the choice on their own, with no outside influence nor guidance. One student in particular got help from a teacher: Mr Goh Meng Soon, who shared his experience of studying abroad in Taiwan with them.


Stepping into Senior One carries different meanings for everyone. Among those who took the survey, 13 felt like they were stepping into a new stage in life, with its own challenges and surprises in store. Some expecting new friends; some expecting deeper education. Moreover, a good number of them recognised that Senior year meant growing up; bearing more responsibilities in life, having to finally take control of their own destinies. A few even saw stepping into Senior life as a farewell; to Junior life, to friends, and slowly, to high school life.

As for Senior High expectations, many look forward to a better year, a better them, new friends, new teachers, and new knowledge. Some bright-eyed respondents hoped to spend three Senior High years with their best friends, be more outgoing, and take on more opportunities; while others just wished that they could get through the year, and understand the senior syllabus.


“All things pass…Perhaps the passage of time is a kind of healing, or a kind of salvation granted equally to all people.” ― Mizuki Nomura. With Junior years flying by for this year’s Junior Three students, let us wish them all a smooth transition, and a fulfilling Senior life, leaving no regrets behind.


(Author’s note: although this report was originally exclusively meant for the September 10th talk, I felt that waiting till after the Junior Three students making their ultimate decision would better portray their inner thoughts and desires on going into Senior life. Better relating their experiences with this talk would have true, unfiltered voices better heard.)