Jointly reported by:
Lew Yuen Teng 15070 Sr3ComA
Kuan Vei Zhi 15261 Sr3ScC

On 5 March 2020, after the first recess, the Senior Three students entered the school hall with much anticipation as it is finally the day that their SPM 2019 (Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia) results are released. Students who left school also came back to collect their results and the hall was filled with excited chatter. Gleaming faces, shaking of hands, nervous wandering up to the moment when the first teacher holding their folder arrived, the loudest sound of applause was heard. When all the teachers had settled with the documents at their respective tables, students queued up according to their previous Senior Two classes as they waited to get their hands on that piece of paper with such important alphabets.

When the results were handed out, different emotions could be seen on each student’s face. Those who passed with flying colors were ecstatic, while some whose grades didn’t meet their expectations were disappointed. Some were curiously looking at their friends’ results and congratulating each other. The venue was filled with other teachers as well, hoping the best for their students and giving encouraging words to them. Parents who were present were giving calls here and there while some students were doing the same, calling their family with smiles and tears.



After all the results had been released, our Principal, Dr Chua Lee Lee took to the stage and gave a speech on the overall SPM 2019 results. If you were present, you could tell just how proud she was of all Kuen Cheng students, especially when come to announcing the results of our Chinese Literature, from the efforts and hard work that have been put in. Majority of the students taking Chinese Literature passed with good grades, and more than 300 students getting A’s. Over the years, Madam Chua has been placing and emphasizing the importance of Chinese Literature to the Chinese Education and people in the Chinese community. She sincerely stated that she was grateful for all who were determined to achieve good grades in this subject to make not only our school but the individual students proud.


Most students then went back to their respective class groups in the hall to take photos with their friends and teachers. Meanwhile, students with 11A’s and above were invited by the media representatives present to gather in front of the stage for a group photograph for the respective newspapers. After taking another photo outside, seven students who have obtained the highest scores were selected to an interview by the journalists.

All seven top scorers and the journalists were cordially brought to the VIP room next to the hall. Ng Jiunn Xiang (achieved 11A+), a Science stream student from Sr3ScA, was selected as the main speaker. He said that when he found out he had a perfect straight A’s he called his parents at once who had received the news explicitly in awe and excitement. He is the school prefect, member of the Mathematics Society and a hostel student. He said that as hostel students were allocated two hours of study time after school, he would however continue studying back in his room. Only having attended tuition for Bahasa Malaysia, he studied most of the subjects on his own. He stated after preparing well for his trials, when facing the actual exams, he would go to bed at 11 p.m. instead of burning the midnight oil. He hoped he would be able to study overseas and become a neurosurgeon in a near future.

Another student, Robert Boxwell, from Sr3A an Art stream student, was also interviewed by the press. His father is American and although he was born in Malaysia, he spent his childhood both in Hong Kong and Japan, before living permanently in Malaysia when he was six. He never really had any high expectations, so he was surprised he had gotten 11As out of the 12 subjects he had taken. Even though he didn’t get an A for Chinese, he mentioned that his grade was still higher than what he had expected. He hopes to study Geography in an American university.

Then, Lee Jun Hoe, a Science stream student as well, formerly the Vice President of the Taekwondo Club, had received interview on how he managed to juggle with his school work, studies and his duties in the club. He answered that although he would spend more time in participating the club as well as school activities and competitions alike, he didn’t neglect his studies. Due to not being able to study long hours at one go, he managed his time by concentrating on studying different subjects in shorter periods of time as it was more effective to him. Although slightly disappointed when he had gotten only 7A+ instead of the expected 8A+, he was still pleased with his results, especially with both Mathematics and Additional Mathematics which he had worked very hard on.


Last but not least, the Principal thanked the school Board for their kind support, and all teachers that have contributed much to the academic success of Kuen Cheng High School. She reiterated that the school values students’ development in all aspects, not only academically but also in co-curricular performances. In general, she stated that individual students scored better results in SPM 2019 as compared to that of the previous year. 

At 12:15 p.m., all students had their second recess and then went back to their respective classrooms continuing to work harder for yet more important exams ahead. Students should be motivated and inspired by whatever results they have achieved. Let us set positive goals with confidence for a brighter future!