Jointly by:
Tan Qing Lin (Sr1scB)
Thian Yi-Ming (Sr1scD)

On 6 July 2019, students of Junior 2 flooded into the school auditorium and took their seats. Atop the stage, the guest speaker, Mr. Wong Siew Jye, was adjusting his slides in preparation for his speech on the art of prose-writing. (5) (4)

Mr. Wong started off with about the importance of creativity and other qualities that make a good writer. Such as are “out-of-the-box thinking”, able to process information from a somewhat different perspective and more imaginative way than others, and the ability to use words precisely.

He discussed the many techniques writers applied in their works, such as the substitution of objects with colours, the intricate usage of distance, light and shadows, as well as the switching of scenes. Colours also provide contrast, adding focus to an object. Mr. Wong added that conflict is also an important factor in prose, making the storyline and character development even more interesting. The usage of imagery, by means of space, objects and colours, provides a more poetic feel to the prose, though it may differ across different cultures. (3) (2) (6) (7)

After that, came the Q and A session, some of the students who were interested in this field took up the chance to get some answers about ways to improve their writing and literary skills. Mr. Wong replied to all questions enthusiastically, giving detailed answers to the students.

This speech was given so that students are able to get a better idea of prose-writing, as well as the joy it brings. Hopefully that this experience would be able to help those who are enthusiastic and aiming down this path to be able to improve their writing skills, as well as to enlighten those who wished to know more about prose-writing.