Reported by: Lee Xue Rui Jr1K 20653

Starting from the 7th of September until the 11th of September, Junior Middle One girl students were getting their second HPV Vaccine shots. This event started at 9 a.m. until 11.30 a.m.

The purpose of this vaccine is to prevent cervical cancer caused by HPV Type 16 and Type 18 infections. As cervical cancer is one of the main causes of woman getting cancer, the Ministry of Health is offering free immunisations to all 13-year-old girls who are Malaysians.

Students first went to scan QR Code from MySejahtera App when they arrived at the School Gate and have their body temperature taken. Next, students proceeded to take their HPV Immunisation Card from their teacher. At 9 a.m. the nurses started to arrive at school with all their gear. After about 10 minutes of setting up, students started to queue for their shots. And then, one by one, students received their shots.

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Some were nervous and some were very chill about the whole process. After the girls got their shots, the majority of them said it was painless and was a quick process, while as some girls also said that the shot was very painful and they can barely lift their arm up.



Each student receiving the injection will be given a HPV Immunisation card. This card must be kept for future reference purposes. Before the students leave they were handed a piece of paper that states the proper ways of caring for the wound after the injection. They advised the students to NOT rub the injection wound with any medications, oils, lotions or any other medications, and if the students have a fever for more than three (3) days or if the wound of the injection have been found red or with a swollen mark, then they must go to consult a doctor.