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Where should we continue our studies after high school? Should we continue our studies in our country or go abroad? Maybe a lot of you don’t have any idea. Therefore, Kuen Cheng High School had invited our senior that has graduated in the year of 2015 to come back to share her personal experience from the university. The talk is held on Friday, 7 February 2020 at AV2 during the second recess. Many students had signed up for this talk and they seem to be interested in this speech. Speaker of the day was Ms Samantha Liu Shiyun, a Kuen Cheng alumna. Then, she introduced that she is currently studying at the University of Auckland which is located in New Zealand, and it is the No.1 University in Auckland. Other than this, it also maintains at 83 in the QS World University Rankings.

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The talk then continued with Samantha introducing the courses she took in pursuit of both Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Psychology. It was called a Conjoint Degree. It is different because it contains two different bachelors and it is harder to study due to the higher requirements. She then told us an example, a normal degree student needs 360 credits to graduate. But a conjoint degree student needs 540 credits to graduate. And the threshold for a conjoint student to graduate will be much higher.

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Next, Samantha shared about the pathway and major requirements to enter the University of Auckland. There are four ways which include IELTS, SUEC, A-Levels and Foundation. She then suggested that we can study our foundation at the college nearby University of Auckland because we can get used to the environment easily. Later, Samantha mentioned the fee structure of the school depends on the courses that one chooses. The more, the higher fees it will cost. After that, she briefly shared about her life in Auckland, she had worked in Kumon as a part-time job. She told us that if we do some part-time jobs we can cover our part of our living expenses during our studies. Lastly, before the speech ends, Samantha told us about her feelings about going abroad. She said that although we tend to see the glamorous appearance of the students going abroad, no one sees the hard side behind. But the good thing is, although the holidays there aren’t as many in Malaysia, the duration of each holiday is very long.


Before the Talk ended, there was a Q&A session; many students ask about the life of living in New Zealand. Will there be any kind of discrimination and about the living expenses to be incurred. Samantha answered all the questions one by one but due to limitation of time, not all of the students get the chance to put forward as wished. Therefore, Samantha requested the students to add her Facebook Saman Liu when necessary. The speech ended perfectly and the students returned to class with broad smiles.

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