Jointly reported by:
Lew Yuen Teng 15070 Sr3ComA
Lee Ai Lin 16642 Sr2ScC
Tee Jia Xien 16332Sr2B

In light of the Movement Control Order (MCO) that is in place nationwide in Malaysia due to the novel coronavirus outbreak, all gatherings and events are to be canceled, which has included our School’s annual Sports Day. On 22 April 2020, at 9 pm, a Zoom video interview was then conducted with choreographers from Senior 3 Sports Day Dance Team, core of the meeting was about the preparation they had carried out and regrets on being unable to perform as well as high hopes for the much anticipated grand event.

As being the designated choreographers, they have the responsibility of coming up with the song selections, dance presentation, and then leading the other Sr3 students together their fellow classmates. During the beginning, the song selection was the most difficult part, as they tried their best to meet the school’s requirements while fulfilling Sr3 students’ expectations. But once the songs were decided, choreographing the dance went on smoothly.

Next, with the help of a recorded video of the dance, each class began with the choreography, teaching their individual classmates the right dance moves. Their choreographers also help each other if they have difficulties teaching in their class or if they’re unsure of the dance move. During the practice in the respective classes, majority of the students were willing to cooperate and stay back during recess. They were willing to learn and be ready to ask questions as well. It had become a norm sight during recess in that period, to walk along the Sr3 classrooms corridor and see students practicing their dance inside with joy and laughter.


As a recap of the whole Sr3 students’ dance practice, even though it was slightly difficult to control all the students and instruct them, the practice went on rather successfully. Throughout the whole process even if there were problems such as not enough space for accurate dance moves or students with two left feet, the  choreographers dealt with each problem with patience. As they said, whether their classes have the willingness and thoughtfulness, or lack, therefore, it was still their responsibility as a Sr3 choreographer to teach all the students the dance moves with all their heart and soul. And it can be seen by the effort they put in, that they had indeed succeeded even though the dance was canceled in the end.

Since the Sports Day event is canceled, the choreographers are downcast on the fact that their hard work was wasted. They actually had high hopes of performing their dance as it will be a memory worth keeping. Although feeling envious of the previous seniors, they have accepted their fate and are thinking of an alternative to create long-lasting memories for Senior 3 students as a whole.


They also shared about why they decided to represent their respective classes as the Senior 3 Sports Day Choreographers. Their overall intentions of being the choreographer is, they are really interested in dancing and choreographing. They desperately wanted to represent their own classes to join the Sr3 sports day dance preparatory committee. By the way, most of the choreographers were recommended or voted by their classmates. Plus, some of them volunteered to participate in the activity. However, both of them were contented and fortunate to be the choreographer of sports day dance, which is a meaningful event for the entire Senior 3 students.

No matter what happened, they’ve put a lot of effort into the choreography of the sports day dance. They are really grateful to the school and their dearest classmates for giving them an opportunity to display their own talent and lead the students to learn the dance.  Although they felt superbly disappointed when they knew the Sports Day event was canceled, they never regretted joining the sports day choreographers group. Since they were truly enjoying the process of forming and choreographing the dance. They have made a lot of friends from different classes, they get along with each other well and created loads of unforgettable memories between them. The choreographers felt lucky to meet each other and they became good friends at last.


Many of the choreographers said that they became more familiar with their classmates before teaching them the dance. They felt thankful for the chance given for them to mix in with their classmates. Besides, the relationship between the classmates gets closer while practicing the dance. The students practiced the dance whole-heartedly and always practiced dance steps with great initiatives. The Sr3 students followed tightly to their guide and rarely ignored the choreographers’ words. The choreographers said their classmates were so diligent while practicing the dance, plus, they were not afraid to ask for the help of the choreographers if they had any problems. In the utmost, they sincerely appreciated the full cooperation given by their respective classmates.

Finally, each choreographer gave a few words to all Senior 3 students, teachers, fellow Senior 2 students, and themselves:

Sr3A Chin Zhi Wei “It’s just a suggestion, but I hope that this year’s Senior 3 students can have a collaboration with next year’s Senior 3 students on the sports day dance. I also hope that the choreographers next year will do their best.”

Sr3B Toh Calbinn “First, I would like to thank all Senior 2 students, teachers, and everyone who had helped in the planning of the dance. The toughest part while choreographing is combining both the school’s requirements and student’s opinions together. It was challenging but we managed to get through it.  ”

Sr3C Reena Nair “Despite not being able to perform, it’s still alright. Don’t put the blame on the school as they too don’t have control over the current situation.”

Sr3ScA Yong Qiao Ru “This year’s Senior 3 students are quite ‘special’ in a not so good way, just expect the unexpected, and find the good in the bad.”

Sr3ScB Tan Zongyu “I hope that the next batch of Senior 3 students won’t meet any incidents like we do.”

Sr3ScC Phua Chuen Ren “Everything that happened was out of our control, we can only hope for the better.”

Sr3ScD Lim Zi Hong “Personally, I feel that I’m the least experienced among us choreographers but they always do their best in coaching me. I hope that the school will somehow give us a chance to perform our dance routine. ”

Sr3ComA Justine Lu Xin Yi “Although the process of choreographing and teaching them to the students is tiring, it was fun and memorable.”

Sr3ComB Lim Yee Qian “Actually the reason I stayed for Senior 3 is because of the sports day dance, but now it is canceled, I felt quite disappointed. Even so, I enjoyed the process of coming up with the choreography.”

Sr3ComC Liew Jen Wai “First of all, I would like to thank my classmates for choosing me as their representative for the choreography team. The team is very encouraging towards one another. A big thanks to my dance studio for providing a place for all the choreographers to practice.”

Sr3ComD Wictoria Law Wai San “Through being a part of the choreographing team, I made new friends and became closer to my classmates by leading them in dance practice.”