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Thian Yi-Ming (Sr1ScD)

It was the last day of activity for the Cartoons Club. All members of the club gathered in the classroom. There were also graduates and Cross, an ex-student as well as ex-teacher of the club returning to see off the club’s last day in 2019.

漫画组     漫画

As soon as the club teacher-advisor, Mr.Yoo Yew Kien has arrived, the club’s future President, Ally Soh, made an announcement and extended a warm welcome to all. Briefly after the address, all members proceeded with feasting on their annual tradition of pizzas against the atmosphere of the music. They chatted enthusiastically, as it was the last time to get to meet other members in this classroom. They have learnt much from each other and now it’s time to share their laughter together.

Soon after the last piece of pizza vanished and with stomach filled, members seated as lights were put out, the only source of light was from the projector overhead them. Reflected on the screen was a video showing the activities the members have participated in and done throughout the whole year.

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Next up, Teacher Yew stepped up to give a lengthy speech. He expressed his gratitude towards the club and his hopes for next year and the near future. Unexpectedly, he became teary-eyed while giving the speech, something that has not happened in past recent years. His sudden show of emotion also moved the members, with some getting red in the eyes, too.

After that, it’s time for the parting gifts for the graduates. There was a total of 14 Senior 2 and 3s, each having received a box that spreads when open, revealing its contents. Before the club members said goodbye, they took a group photograph as remembrance for this fruitful year. The departing party was nearing an end. The members were all reluctant to leave, as they were all pretty attached to the club. But alas, everything has to eventually come to an end. Though the Cartoons Club’s activities had ended for the year, they would still be able to constantly brush up on the skills and communicate with fellow members through more drawings.

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