Reported by: Lee Ai Lin Sr2ScC 16642

     Time flies over us, but memories remain. At the blink of an eye, it was already 112 years since the establishment of Kuen Cheng High School. In celebration of our school’s 112th Anniversary and Teacher’s Day, a Facebook live streaming opened to the public was held on September 12 at 9 am straight.

      The event started with an opening address from the School Board Chairman, Tan Sri William Cheng Heng Jem. He felt proud of the achievements of our alumni in myriads of fields locally and internationally. Looking back at the past generations, Kuen Cheng has grown a lot in terms of academic and architecture wise. It was then continued with a speech from our Principal, Dr Chua Lee Lee. She was amazed that the teachers’ adaptability to the unaccustomed Blended Learning. She also thanked the teachers for their hard work throughout the year and looked forward to a brighter future of Kuen Cheng High School. Following this, President and Vice President of the Celebration Committee showed their appreciation towards all the committee members, whom are all Senior 1 and 2 prefects and class monitors from every class. They also expressed their gratitude for the sacrifices teachers have made and hoped everyone can enjoy the celebration through this special online platform.



     Afterwards, a pre-recorded vlog was played featuring School Board Directors congratulating our school’s 112th Anniversary and a cake-cutting ceremony. The winners of “Because of You”, a school location naming competition, were then announced. Consequently, the result of the video making competition was announced. Sr2ScA won the First Place with their video “Senior 2 Science A” and Sr2ScC won the Popularity Award with their video “We are crazy”.


      Then, the committee members presented the Teacher’s Day present which is a food container, so teachers can use them while buying food at school, and a mask holder, so teachers can keep their mask clean while taking them off when eating. On the sandbox video game Minecraft, a total of 49 alumni participated in building our school. The project started in June this year and the results are astonishing as it looked so real.


       Subsequently, our school’s Choir Club performed our school’s “100th Anniversary” song. Their melodious voice got everyone feeling emotional and we can feel the growth of our school. The Drama Club members also presented a short video about difficulty of teachers when they had to prepare and conduct online lessons. Their humorous acts made the audience laugh but also showed teachers’ struggles.  After this, a video was played featuring our school’s diligent teachers voicing their anticipation for the school and wishing the school “Happy Anniversary”. Awards were then given to teachers who served in our school for long services. Videos by the video-making competition winners were played before the celebration ended at 10.30 am.


“We Are Crazy”
Sr2ScC Finger Dance behind the Scenes

     In an effort to improve teacher-student relationships, Kuen Cheng High School organised a video production competition featuring teachers and students on different frames. This competition proved that despite social distancing during this pandemic, teachers and students can still bond together with the help of advanced technology. Led by our form teacher, Mr Ng Chee Hao, Sr2ScC decided to participate in the competition involving the whole class. As it might be the last year for some of us in Kuen Cheng, we wanted to create a memory that all of us can keep for a long time.

     Sr2ScC decided on a finger dance entitled “We Are Crazy” originally performed by Cindy on the social media platform Tiktok. Our choreography “teacher”, Elsa Chua with the assistance of both class monitors, Chong Jun Hong and Too Ke Yi broke down the whole choreography to 4 parts, where 11-15 students learn one part, and coordinated a time for each group to learn their part. Mr Ng challenged himself to learn the entire choreography.

     With great practice and cooperation, the video making went smoothly. Our class got the 2nd runner up but won first place in terms of popularity based on Facebook likes. We are satisfied with the results because our intention is to create a memorable experience together.