Ng Choon Hau (Sr1A)

What’s gemology? Students from Jr2E to Jr2Q had a wonderful discovery on the 7th of November 2019 as they stepped into the hall at 10 a.m. to listen to a talk titled “Mines to Mine”. This talk was hosted by Asia Gemological Laboratory (AGL). Founded in 1992, they proudly brand themselves as Asia’s few and leading companies specializing in gem valuation and authentication.

Various items were placed on the stage before the talk began. These included various signs showcasing different types of precious gems, a microscope, an Infinity Glove replica and a fancy display case with valuable jewels inside.

rsz_gem_1 rsz_gem_2

The talk began with our Vice Principal, Ms Koo Lai Ping presenting a gift to the managing director of AGL. Later, the main speaker introduced himself as Mr Kim, also known as Kimami; an African name bestowed upon him during his seven-year stay in the continent.


He kicked off the talk with an explanation of basic geology, mostly centered on the formation of the Earth. Here, he went from the great singular continent of Pangea to the many natural wonders worldwide, one of them being the astonishing Giant’s Causeway situated in Iceland.

Where there are giant wonders, there are bound to be micro-wonders, as well. This was how Mr Kim transitioned the talk to gemstones, claiming them to be “the most beautiful thing mankind has ever discovered”.  He delved into the formation of gemstones, introduced the job scope of gemologists and told the tall tales concerning the history of gemstones. Students even got the chance to listen to his recounts of his time in Sri Lanka and the gem mining scene there.


Throughout the talk there were many Q&A sessions, which kept the crowd lively and attentive. This led pupils to not feel excruciating boredom, as they feel about most talks.

At the end of the talk, students were free to ask any questions they wanted to Mr Kim. The queries were undoubtedly insightful and interesting, which led to some amazingly intriguing answers as well. A teacher even joined in the fun and posed a question to Mr Kim, she also conveyed her appreciation.


The talk ended around noon, with students’ surely going home feeling a sense of wonder from learning something not in their curriculum. It certainly was a fun branch way into the world of gems, which serves useful for those interested in pursuing this field in the future.