Jointly reported by:
Lee Xue Rui Jr1K 20653
Ng Choon Hau Sr2A 16066


On Sunday, 26th of July 2020, Kuen Cheng High School Broadcasting Club held their annual farewell party from 2:30 pm to 4 pm., this time over the Zoom video platform amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Fifteen minutes before the party started, President of the Farewell Committee hosted a game for club members, called “Who Is This”. The club members guessed fellow club members through their mouths and eyes while waiting for the other members to join the meeting. The game was full of laughter and opened the day event with much joy.

rsz_gbz2“Who Is This” game segment.

The three members who will be graduating this year are Kara Chiong, Yong Qiao Ru and Tiffany Lau. All of them are club members from Senior Middle Three. Theme of this year’s farewell party is “First Bloom”.

rsz_gbz3Tiffany Lau from Sr3ScD, a graduate.

The President continued by briefing the other members with the meaning of the theme and also its slogan. The theme carries the underlying message that although your high school journey has just ended, a new journey awaits you at college. The meaning behind the slogan was: to never forget the passion you have for everything and remember the past as a beautiful memory to be kept.

Later on, the hosts Hee Yit Seng and Toh Kit Mun started the farewell party with a video of club members thanking the seniors and congratulating them on their graduation. The video was about fifteen minutes long and many group members showed much love and support to the seniors.

After the video, the members who have not taken part in the video had a chance in saying their wishes to the seniors online. Many members were grateful for their hard work and passion for the club. Mostly all of the Senior 2 members to Junior 1 members took part in this special session of thanking the seniors online.

rsz_gbz4A club member giving her wishes to Kara Chiong.

Moving on, the hosts invited the graduates to speak a bit on their impending departure from the club. Yong Qiao Ru from Sr3ScA talked about her journey as Club Secretary throughout the years, then encouraged the juniors to continue persevere, no matter how hard the journey in the club may seem. She expressed regret that club activities were forced to be cancelled largely due to the unprecedented spread of disease, and that she would come back to visit next year given the chance. Next, Kara Chiong from Sr3ScB expressed that the club was a great part of her high school life and that she would miss it dearly. She hoped that the juniors would remain happy and blessed. Though she wasn’t able to speak live, through the emcee, Tiffany Lau from Sr3ScD said that she felt blessed spending her last two years of high school in the club, and she sincerely hoped that the club would continue to grow and prosper.

Next up, a video compilation of the graduates’ time at the club played, giving them the chance to reminisce on their journey with the Broadcasting Club family.

Finally, another video played; this time featuring club members singing the club song, “Kite” by Chloe Yang. This served as a final gift of the graduates before the farewell party came to a close.

rsz_gbz5Club members singing the club song.

Through an interview with the President of the Farewell Party Committee, Heah Ernn, she felt that the party went fairly smoothly.

“This was my first time being the president of a major co-curricular event like this, so most of my ideas and plans had to go through lots of comments and reviews from the current Committee,” she added, “I’d say that this experience was really worth it.” Though she expressed initial concerns at video portions lagging on certain devices, and a tinge of regret in not taking a final club photo, she felt that the hosts’ upbeat, happy demeanour, and the video editors’ effort put into making the videos made up for these setbacks. She also felt that they also helped with expressing club members’ emotions towards the graduates better.

“Some unexpected surprises came out of this, too!” She went on, “namely, the games, videos and presents were some pretty special ideas that came from these circumstances that placed much more restrictions on what we can do.”

Wrapping up, she wished that farewell parties would be able to return to face-to-face interaction next year, but hoped that everyone enjoyed this year’s special type of presentation anyway.