The 2013 SPM results were released on 20th March 2014. Our students achieved 100% passing rate for 12 subjects and 153 students scored between 7As and 12As. Principal,  Mdm Gooi mentioned that 432 students sat for the national examination and scored 99.2% in the overall passing rate. She presented the SPM results to the students and encouraged them to keep up their good work for a brighter future.

Report on 2013 SPM results

100% passing rate subjects: English, Science, Mathematics, Additional Mathematics, Accounting, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Chinese Literature, Pendidikan Islam, Arts, English for Science and Technology.

The percentage of each subject receiving  “A+, A, A-” increased by 20% 

Science: 27.6%, Arts: 26%, Physics: 26.4%, Chemistry: 22.1%

Number of students who scored 5As and above: 221 students (51.16%)

Number of students who scored 7As and above: 153 students (35.42%)

Number of students who scored 9As and above: 87 students (20.14%)