Dear all staff, teachers, and students,

12 Essays from our Senior One students have been chosen as the finalists for the ESSAY WRITING COMPETITION by TAR UC.

The finalists are:

Naomi Ong                     (2 Essays)
Andrian Hiew Yik Weng
Tan Jes Lyn
Lim Jia Min
Jack Loh Enze
Valencia Lau Jia Tong
Alycia Low Gin Nee
Lee Yun Chi
Brian Liew Han Yin
Soon Qian Ling
Yap Jia Yee


You are invited to go online on the webpage

TAR UC Achievers Daily


To view the essays and to vote for your favourite essay.

  • Everyone is allowed ONE vote per day.

Their success depends on your VOTES!

There will be 3 winning positions with cash awards (1st-RM700, 2nd-RM500 & 3rd-RM350) and the rest will be given consolation prizes (RM150).

Good luck and thank you.

All finalists are invited to attend the PRIZE GIVING CEREMONY on 16 November 2015 at TAR University College.