This year our English Awareness Month was held from the 1st to the 31st of July 2015. The whole purpose of the month is to encourage students to use English in their daily lives.

During our usual morning ‘Flag Raising’ Ceremony on 1st July, we had the launching ceremony emceed by Bryan Phon of Senior 2 Science A. First, our principal, Mdm Gooi Swee Gaik delivered a very encouraging speech to gear off the whole month. This was followed by the daily reading of English Breaking News by our school Broadcasting Committee supported by songs with clear and meaningful lyrics. There were also proverbs and idioms for the day for students to learn. Every Wednesday and Saturday, a Listening Activity contest was held for the whole school to motivate students to take listening seriously as it would help them in any future pre-requisite English tests like MUET, TOEFL, IELTS as well as other college or university English entrance tests. Other than that, we all got the privilege to listen to an emotional letter written by mum and dad to a child, beautifully read by Chan Xian Qi of Senior 3 Science A to instill and inculcate the moral value of filial piety.

Throughout the month, many events took place. There was a poster and slogan competition to boost the environment. The month of July was in fact filled with exciting competitions and activities for everyone to benefit. This year we saw many new and interesting activities such as Creative Writing (prose & verse forms), English Challenge, Spelling Bee in team contest using flash cards and English Whisper (just to name a few) with the hope to make learning English much more fun among students and to test their talents in activities other than class work. We believe games are a natural way for students to communicate in English.

All the winners of the competitions held were awarded prizes and certificates.

All in all, the month was a very challenging but an enjoyable one. We would like to thank everyone, especially the Academic Department  and Form-teachers who had helped and contributed to make the English Awareness Month a success.