Today’s society heavily emphasizes on professionalism, and therefore moral education will be easily neglected which will eventually cause the downfall of human values. Kuen Cheng’s , Disciplinary department implements moral education with “Teach with humility, educate with virtue” concept. We are keen to nurture students with both knowledge and good values of human nature.


Some of the main concepts  such as “Greeting’, “Queuing Culture”, and “Recycling “ will be reinforced  for  students to become proficient in both moral values and education.

There are several major events for students to plan and organize. We guide students to become responsible adults. For example: the Senior Three students are responsible for  organizing Chinese New Year Activities in February, the Senior Two students are responsible for the  Teacher’s Day celebrations event and the Senior One students for the  School Anniversary  Celebration.

During the process of disciplinary counselling, we aim for  students to understand and realize their own mistakes and learn from the mistakes made. This is to train students to think wisely and make better judgment. In order to achieve the objectives, we provide special training and guidance to these students.

Gradually, students will comply with the school rules and become disciplined. We nurture students to become ambitious, virtuous, educated, disciplined , and complete  in moral, intellectual, physical, social, and aesthetic areas.