Jointly reported by:
Sophia Ng Szu Fei 17685 Sr1ScA
Tan Ginny 17893 Sr1A
Kuan Vei Zhi 15261 Sr3ScA

It was a bright and sunny day, and within the Kuen Cheng High School campus, junior three students gathered in the wide parking lot in front of the school as early as 7 a.m. Teachers from the Sports Department and Senior Three Sports Club volunteers clothed in their signature purple t-shirts showed up not long after, lining up behind a temporarily set up podium.



The event began with Mr Loh Liang Wei of the Sports Department introducing the activity of today: a crowd dance routine. This particular dance was once part of the sports curriculum for the now senior three students during their senior one year. The dance routine held so much memories for the senior three students today. And on this very day, it was passed down to the next generation of “kc-ians”.

They started the teaching process by first demonstrating the dance to the many students present. Notes familiar to almost everyone sounded from various speakers – it was TFBOYS’s hit song “Big Dreamer”. The seniors and teachers led the dance with much enthusiasm; it was quite a fun, Zumba-like dance with easy moves. After the demo, students were separated into groups to learn the dance movement by movement.

Senior three students did a mirrored and slow-motion version of the dance to better guide their juniors; teachers began wandering into the massive crowd to give personal guidance to students who require it. At that point students were already getting themselves warmed up and excited, bouncing on their tippy-toes and trying to incorporate their own unique dance moves into the routine.


It was then time for a short break. Senior three students spread themselves into two lines in front of the juniors, and the energetic music of “HandClap” from Fitz and the Tantrums began playing. The seniors performed yet another dance for the junior threes to another round of tremendous applause. They were lively, dancing to another song with a much harder routine. Their teachers danced along, exciting the youngsters much more.

After the break, the students were then asked to perform the dance without any leading dancers in front; it led to some small noises of dissent but they went ahead anyway, and it was quite a magnificent sight, seeing almost a thousand students moving in sync.

There were a number of parents watching from the side, and we’ve had the honour of speaking to some of them. “Exercise is very good for them as students shouldn’t only be studying, but exposed more to different activities let them find their passion,” said a parent watching from the side. “I hope to see more of these types of events organised and more students from every grade participating.” A group of junior twos came to watch the dance as well, and offered their honest applause as motivation to their seniors.

At last, the event came to an end with a huge group photo. Students dispersed to continue their various activities around the school. It was a beneficial activity to most, and we do hope that the Sports Department will hold more of such activities. We would also like to thank the organiser and senior three sports team members for their voluntary participation in guiding their juniors!


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