Reported by:
Lew Yuen Teng 15070 Sr3ComA

On 7 March 2020, Saturday, all the Senior Three students gathered on the roof floor of the school to practice for their sports day dance. The students were in high spirits as they lined up in their respective places.

The lead choreographer, Toh Calbinn from Sr3B was in charge as he directed the students with a megaphone. The students were split into three types of groups, the first was split in half, and the second was according to their stream as lastly they were split into four groups. The students were also given ‘coordinates’. These groups and coordinates will be crucial during their dance especially their formation and order. After they practice entering the sports ground, the students finished their short practice as the sun came up.

The students went back to class to practice some more with their class dance choreographer until recess. Before that, the lead choreographer had a brief meeting with the other choreographers, instructing them to pay attention to detail. Any dance moves misstep or misunderstanding were also cleared up. Back at class, all the students could be seen working hard practicing their sports day dance.


In a brief interview with all the eleven class choreographers, they said that today’s practice was simply to let all the Sr3 students know their position and coordinates as well as how they would enter. The class choreographers commented that the practice was very successful as all the students participated actively and weren’t extremely noisy.

They revealed that they chose the songs together, after discussing and remixing the songs to find the best combination, only then did they start the dance choreography. The songs chosen were based on the emotions and the memories it brings back. During the initial dance choreography, it was just on the spot that the inspiration class choreographers possessed when listening to the song, however the main objective was still to keep it simple so the other students can learn the dance easily.



On a side note, they said that this year’s dance is different to previous years as they have more changes in dance positions as a whole, mainly to give the audience more visual effects. This year they have also added in children songs that represent childhood memories, but the songs are remix versions which influences the choreography to be cooler. Besides that, teamwork is an integral part of the class choreographers. Most of the decisions and choreography made is after all of the choreographers’ discussion and agreement. No one is left out or an outsider, they have all combined their strengths to reach the best effects. Their practice location is mainly the school’s activity room and a studio owned by one of the class choreographer’s parents. 


Due to the Sport’s Day being postponed, although it has messed up their original plan, the choreographers commented that it has let them relax slightly from their originally tight schedule. This is because their practice time has been extended, so they can focus on the details of individual students’ dance moves. As a whole group, there can also be more detailed adjustments in terms of positions and timing. Lastly, all the class choreographers hope that this dance will leave wonderful memories of youth to each and every senior three student. They hope the students will also appreciate their final year, participate actively in activities, strengthen bonds and for the whole Sr3 form to be more united. Finally, they hope that all the students, teachers, staff and parents attending the school’s Sports Day will enjoy their dance because the audience’s cheers and support are the origin of their happiness.