Ervin Soong Kai Wen (JR2E)

On Wednesday, 7 August 2019, a group of Junior Two students of Kuen Cheng High School were given an exposure of something new and informative. It is philosophy, ethics. It is highly influential to the moral upbringing of the Orient- it is called Confucianism or Ruism. This something, classics that have laid a strong foundation for types of etiquette in our society and have in a way, govern our daily acts in life.

The Academic Department organized a day excursion to a Confucianism Fair held in SJK(C) Chung Kwo, Kuala Lumpur. The total number of attendees was 57, with Ms Song and Mr Yu as our advisers and tour leaders. We were split into groups of three as it would make it more convenient for the subsequent introduction. We boarded the bus and set off from the school at around 10:45 a.m.

It did not take long to arrive at SJK(C) Chung Kwo. As soon as we gathered in front of the school hall, Ms Song opted to take a group picture for our new albums. We were told to hold on when we entered into the hall as there was a large group of students from other schools who came much earlier for the event. In the meantime, we were asked by one of the guides to split into the groups we had arranged so.

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Our guide, Mr Chan Kok Liang, introduced to us some basic rules of etiquette during olden times in China, which is the way to greet someone by bowing and gripping our hands together.

Subsequently, we were shown various types of practises in Confucianism to our respective groups by the guides. Examples being having to be polite at all times; using our wealth wisely by doing good deeds, applying principle of teaching students with different methods according to their level of understanding as well as nurturing their talents to the fullest.

After that, we were given approximately 20 minutes of free time to either look through the articles, finish the quiz given to us to enhance our knowledge or to buy books or merchandise they sell at the exhibition hall.

Some even took the time given to take more group photos before we returned to our school at noon. All in all, this excursion was one to remember. We received a lot of information about Confucianism and the moral values it has tried to instil. As students, we will put that knowledge into use and try to make ourselves become a better person.

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