Co-curricular Activities Department

Our school is determined to strike a balance amongst the five core values: moral, intellectual, physical, social and aesthetic. We ensure that our students will be able to show enthusiasm and excel in both academic and extra-curricular domains.

The Co-curricular Activities Department was established in 1992. The objective of this department is to ease the management of the numerous curricular activities, as well as to assist the school’s administrative department.

Our main objectives allow students to discover their interests and talents. It also encourages students’ holistic development in terms of surviving skills, values and competencies.

Co-curricular activities

There are 68 choices in co-curricular clubs and societies for students to participate and experience collaborative learning to gain leadership skill, planning and coordinating skill.

The co-curricular activities are divided into Academic, Recreation, Arts & Music, Services, Chinese Culture and Sports societies.

Each student is required to join one co-curricular activity from the 68 clubs and societies for that particular academic year. Students must attend the scheduled activities and withdrawal is not allowed. Activities are slotted after school hours. They begin in January and end in July.

Their main objectives include:

  • Encouraging students’ participation in formal group activities.
  • Promoting leadership and group organizing skills.
  • Allowing students to discover their interests and talents.

In 2003, the co-curricular activities were made part of the students’ syllabus. Marks from students’ activity will be calculated as part of their overall marks in their syllabus. This is to encourage students to be actively involved in these activities. Hence, the co-curricular activities are an important element in our education system.

List of co-curricular activities

Academic  societies

Recreation  societies

Art and Music societies

Services societies

Chinese Culture societies

Sports societies

1.Malay  Language Society


1.Wind Orchestra

1.Prefectorial Board

1.Chinese Language Society


2.English Language Society




2.St.John Ambulance

2. Calligraphy club


3.Japanese Language


3.Cartoonist Club

3.Modern Dance Club

3.Girl Guides

3.Chinese Orchestra


4.Korean Language Club

4.Handicraft Club

4. Rhythmic Gymnastics

4.Air Scout

4.Dragon & Lion Dance


4.Table Tennis

5.French Club

5.Magic Cube Society

5.Music Composing


5.Police Cadets

5.Chinese Martial Arts

5.Athletics Club

6.Maths Society

6.Kuen Cheng Makers

6.Harmonica Club

6.Interact Club

6.  24 Seasonal Drum

7.Computer Club

7.Yoga Club

7.Guitar Club

7.Counselling Club


8.Commerce Club

8.Chess Club

8.Drama Club

8.Flora Society

8.Chinese Folk Dance


9.Art Club

9.ACG Research Society

9.School Choir

9.Photography Club

9.Creativity Writing


10.Historical Society

10.Sport Stacking Club

10.Broadcasting Club

11.Law Society

11.Rope Skipping Society

11.Librarians Club

12. Western Calligraphy


12.Board Game Club



13. Psychology Club

13.Tourism Studies Society

13.Multimedia Society

14. Basic Science Group

14.Robotic Club

15.Astronomy Club

15.Buddhist Society

16.Chinese-English Debate Society

16.Christian Fellowship