The Co-curricular Activities Department was established in 1992. The objective of this new department was to ease the management of the numerous curricular activities, as well as to assist the school’s administrative department. Each student of this school is required to join one co-curricular activity for that particular academic year. Students must attend the scheduled activities and withdrawal is not allowed. Activities are slotted either on Tuesdays, Thursdays or Saturdays after school hours. They begin in January and end in July. The co-curricular activities are divided into Academic, Service, Recreation and Sports groups.

Their main objectives include:

  • Encouraging students’ participation in formal group activities.
  • Promoting leadership and group organizing skills.
  • Allowing students to discover their interests and talents.

In 2003, the co-curricular activities were made part of the students’ syllabus. Marks from students’ activity will be calculated as part of their overall marks in their syllabus. This is to encourage students to be actively involved in these activities. Hence, the co-curricular activities are an important element in our education system.