Ng Choon Hau (Sr1A)

On the 8th of November 2019, committees from the 67 co-curricular clubs moved to the auditorium at 8 in the morning to attend the annual co-curricular clubs commendation ceremony, dedicated to granting exceptional clubs the praise they deserve.

Our Principal, Dr Chua Lee Lee opened the ceremony with a speech, stating the importance of co-curricular clubs in order to prepare students for this modern age of globalization with advanced technological advancements. Clubs are beneficial for students in terms of nurturing empathy, providing a stage for students to exhibit their potential, promoting a culture of gratitude in schools and leading students towards a path of personal growth.


The scoring system has been designed in such a way to include the performance of secretary, 20 marks; performance of treasurer, 20 marks; bulletin board decoration, 10 marks; regular activities, 10 marks; special activities, 10 marks and others, 10 marks.

Here’s the list of the main awards. The ceremony went according to the award categories and called upon the respective recipients on stage:

● A-standard clubs: a total of 29 clubs, shown as below

rsz_co_2From top left down: History Society, Buddhist Society, Psychology Club, Interact Club, Police Cadets, St. John Ambulance, Wind Orchestra, Chinese Orchestra, Philharmonic Orchestra, School Choir, Guitar Club, Chinese Folk Dance Club, Modern Dance Club, Rhythmic Gymnastics, Music Composing Society, Art Club, Calligraphy Club, Cartoonist Club, Chinese Martial Arts Club, Robotics Club, Broadcasting Club, Photography Club, Basketball Team, Table Tennis Team, Environmental Club, Counselling Club, Multimedia Society, Taekwondo Team, Judo Team.

● Exemplary Secretary Awards: Commerce Club, Police Cadets, Wind Orchestra, Psychology Club

● Exemplary Treasurer Awards: Philharmonic Orchestra, Calligraphy Club, Wind Orchestra, Cartoonist Club, History Society


● Most Improved Clubs Awards (improved by): Music Composing Society (19 marks), Buddhist Society (21 marks), Chinese Orchestra (22 marks), Tourism Studies Society (24 marks), Multimedia Society (30 marks).


● Excellent Club Awards (by category): Calligraphy Club, Chinese Orchestra, Broadcasting Club, Basketball Team

● Outstanding Club Awards (by category): Art Club, Wind Orchestra, Police Cadets, Table Tennis Team

*clubs and societies are divided into four categories: Academic, Recreation, Service, Sports and Games

● Overall Excellent Club Awards: Art Club, Police Cadets, Chinese Orchestra, Broadcasting Club

● Overall Outstanding Club Awards: Wind Orchestra

rsz_co_5 rsz_co_6

● Best Year-in-review Videos: Basketball Team, Chinese Folk Dance Club, Broadcasting Club

The year-in-review videos were played, then, Head of the Co-curricular Department, Mr Lim Siang Sheng gave a closing speech, stating that certain personal awards were cancelled in lieu of awards for the whole club, signifying the idea that any benefits clubs reap are the collective effort of the entire committee team. Although this ceremony was held during SPM Exam, the large attendance of Senior 2 students shows their commitment and dedication towards their clubs and the co-curricular department.

This ceremony concluded at around 9.30 a.m. Congratulations to all clubs who achieved stunning results for their hard work and effort invested. May those who did not receive any awards step up and try harder next year, for a brighter future for their respective clubs and societies.