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Tan Yi Khai Sr2ScD 16412
Ng Choon Hau Sr2A 16066

Another year went by with a blink of an eye! The 18th of December (Friday) marked the end of the 2020 academic year. Students from Junior One to Senior Two and their Form Teachers gathered at their respective Zoom classrooms at 8am to officiate the closure of this uniquely eventful year. This Closure Ceremony was the first of its kind, being held online due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

The closure ceremony began with an hour-long pre-recorded video presenting various speeches and announcements from the School’s Administration. After the singing of the national and school anthem, the Principal started the ceremony with a speech. She thanked parents, teachers, and students for cooperating with the school administration in these trying times, and hoped for students to take this holiday to improve themselves in preparation for the upcoming school year. Finally, she wished everyone to have a happy holiday.

Following that, the Academic, Discipline, and Co-curricular Departments took turn to announce changes and adjustments to be made in the upcoming academic year.

Head of the Academic Department, Madam Leong Wai Yee, went first, announcing the dates for when this year’s academic results would be finalised. Then, she introduced the new Blended Learning Schedule, which will have students attend physical classes for four days of the week, and have online lessons for two. Afterwards, she went over the online book-ordering procedures for the following year. In her speech, she advised students to adjust their mindsets and accept new arrangements of the school.


Then, Ms Lim Siew Lian, Head of the Discipline Department, made her announcements, which could be split into five parts: 1) procedure for retrieval of confiscated phones 2) dress code for 2021 3) temperature measurement steps for 2021 4) rules and regulations around phone use in 2021 and 5) meal arrangement for 2021.


Next, announcement came from the Head of Co-curricular Department, Madam Hee Siaw Fuey. She stated that co-curricular activities next year would be held in a 1+1 blended format; meaning: club members would attend one physical class on weekdays, and another on Saturday. Co-curricular activities would be held from March to August, though March would only see Saturday classes, due to issues concerning classroom allocation. Moreover, the dual club system would be temporarily suspended; hence students with two clubs would be randomly assigned to one of their existing clubs. Club switching applications would be open for only whose reassigned clubs are unable to align with their schedules.

After the announcements, a video made by the Monitors Board was presented, showcasing all the activities held in the past year. Each student also got to see their class photo played towards the end of the video. The video ended with wishes for a safer and more peaceful year ahead for everyone.


rsz_4_-_closure_2020 rsz_5_-_closure_2020

Activities from the past year

Finally, students from each class were given chance to commemorate their final school days in 2020 with their own special activities.

Students from Sr2A were able to watch another video, walking down memory lane, as clips of past class activities and outings from the past two years being played. The next part of the video showed classmates’ wishes for the four classmates who had chosen not to stay for Senior Three. Some presentations were in video, while others were in writing or in the form of drawings. Afterwards, the four classmates were invited to give speeches, all feeling emotional at the unexpected arrangement ahead of them. They were all grateful for the two years spent together, and wished the best for everyone staying for Senior Three.

rsz_6_-_closure_2020 rsz_7_-_closure_2020

rsz_8_-_closure_2020Collage of classmates wishing the best for the four leaving classmates

On the other hand, students from Sr2ScD spent their time playing games about their class. They then took a step down memory lane as they watched videos about time spent together from the past two years. Pictures from a few months ago flashed by in front of everyone’s eyes. Everyone talked about what they felt from the bottom of their hearts one by one. Some of them cried, and some of them felt it hard to split up so soon. It wasn’t an enjoyable time for everyone, but it is a very memorable moment for all. Before the ceremony ended, everyone made a promise to meet up for a meal on the 5th of January 2025. No matter how far apart they would be, in their mind, they would still stay close to each other together.

With that, the Closure Ceremony came to an end. Best wishes to everyone for a new year filled with good health, joy, excitement, and contentment!


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