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Tan Qi Xuan 19451 Jr2A

On July 6th 2020, Kuen Cheng High School had officially announced the School Reopening for all Juniors and the Senior One students. Along with the news, our School had properly arranged online Class Meetings for the respective levels of students, on ways to resume the regular classes beginning July 24.

The Class Meetings for Junior 1 and 2 students were held on Sunday, July 19th 2020, from ten o’ clock to eleven-thirty, while Junior 3 and Senior 1 students had theirs at two o’ clock in the afternoon on the same day. Firstly, all meetings started with a video presentation from our Principal, Dr Chua Lee Lee, which has been recorded in advance. She delivered a speech about the recent happenings of the ongoing global epidemic of Covid-19 and gave her best wishes for all students so that they look after themselves and the people around them as well. She had also mentioned that the School will be implementing the Blended Learning Method for quite a period of time, where students are requested to return to school to participate in face-to-face classes for two days, and at the same time attend online classes at home for the rest of the week. She is confident that this method would be the best and a safe way, for both students and teachers, to resume classes amid the pandemic. Nevertheless, students have been asked to stay alert and keep safe distancing as well as a healthy lifestyle.

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Immediately after the speech by Madam Chua, respective Form Teachers took over and continued with the distribution of duty for Class Committee, which was vital to the new arrangement of classes. Besides that, the teachers conducted a brief introduction about ways to prevent from getting Covid-19 and to take care of personal hygiene before informing their respective classes about the revised school rules, such as the newly applied daily routine for monitoring of students’ body temperature every morning and during 2nd recess, all students and staff having to order food in advance from our School canteens and the essential regulation of wearing a face mask at all times. Many little changes were made here and there, all for the better cause for healthy and a secured school environment. Students were also requested to fill out a form declaring their state of health to guarantee everyone’s safety.

The sessions ended after all questions and misgivings of the students had been accurately answered and addressed by their Form Teachers, assuring a favorably smooth and successful back-to-school attempt after a four-month long Movement Control Order nationwide, which took effect from 18 March 2020.