Jointly reported by:
Lim Zhe Yih 16195 (Sr2ScF)
Stephen Lee Tze Yung 16252 (Sr2ScC)
Chang Yu Xuan 17418 (Sr1ComF)

What is politics? It seems that teenagers in general do not understand well the meaning of this word. Therefore, on the Learning Activity Day of 18 January 2020, our school has decided and made a special arrangement for a Talk for students of Senior One to Three, most of who will be reaching eighteen years old soon that own a right to vote in the general election. Speaker of the day was Mr Tang Ah Chai, a political commentator in the Chinese community.


The Talk began at 7:30 a.m. with all students sitting inside the hall. The theme of this talk is centered on voting at the age of 18 and the civic values. Our school Principal, Dr Chua Lee Lee extended a warm welcome to Mr Tang and presented him with a fruit basket as a token of appreciation before the talk begins.

To start with, Mr Tang asked the opinions from the floor about our government passing constitutional amendment to change the voting age of citizens from 21 years old to 18 years old. Most of the students said that they did not pay attention to the news these days because they are very busy with the school work. Then he told us that this constitutional amendment was passed on 16th July 2019, without resistance. He also told us that Ministry of Education will add on civic education on the Sr1 history textbook during the year 2020 to update the change of this regulation.

Besides that, he asked us what civic education is. What does a school need to teach students on this topic? At this moment, no one raised their hands; apparently no one knows the answer yet. He continued to share that it is about politics, economy as well as traditional developments of a society. He then mentioned that in Malaysia, in his opinion, if we want to promote civic education, we should first solve issues caused by the multiracial community. It is because our people were different than other country. We have various types of people, cultures and others. And people in their country talk about the things that happen in their own country. It is a concern of all people in a nation.

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Further, he quoted an example, a policy about the language, Jawi should be learnt by all students when they are at the age of 10 be promulgated, according to our former Minister of Education, Dr Mazlee bin Malik. Many people had their opinions and suggestions, but if they start quarrelling and fighting with each other, then they are not matured enough to talk about politics. He told the students that we should never fight but to discuss until an argument is reached. This is a matured way to do things no matter how old we are. He further stressed that this is why civic education is so important to building a healthy and harmonious society. He then used this example and taught us that a good government takes opinions and suggestions from all citizens concerned.

Furthermore, Mr. Tang asked about the students that if we know how the country, the political party, and our government work. He also asked if we know about the rights and responsibilities as a voter in Malaysia. Many students raised their hands bravely and spoke out their opinions during the day event. After some communications with the floor, Mr Tang then briefly explained the governmental system of our country, and as a voter we own the rights to vote and decide the direction of our own nation. It is also our duty and responsibility to vote during the general election.

Lastly, our guest speaker summarized that every citizen that lives in this country needs to embrace a same goal that is to make Malaysia a great nation with good and knowledgeable people. We must all make sure that we are matured citizens when we come to vote at the age of 18. The talk ended at around 9:30a.m., we believe our students were satisfied, filled with new thoughts and ideas. We are grateful to Mr Tang Ah Chai.

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