Chinese Lunar New Year Customs & Traditions (1)

Jointly reported by:
Ng Ting Hui Sr2ScF
Lai Siang Ching Sr1ComC

On the very first week of Learning Activity Day of this year, dated 18th of January 2020, the school Academic Department together with the help of Chinese Language Division appointed students from Sr3A to deliver a fun and interactive narration of Lunar New Year’s customs and some fun facts. The activity was held in each of the Jr1 classes, after recess.

The Sr3A students patiently briefed through some of the to-do’s and not-to-do’s on the first day of Lunar New Year as many Jr1 students already knew the basic knowledge. Next came an interactive activity that the students had to guess idioms with the zodiac animals. The junior students were having fun competing with each other, answering when they had the chance to add points to their tally.

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The climax of the activity was when the senior 3 students started talking about food. The participants were so eager to share what delicacies their family will be having for the coming Lunar New Year. Before the activity ended, the senior and junior students sang Chinese New Year songs, both old and new ones together with some dance moves the senior students taught the juniors.

Besides that, the senior 3 students even shared their stories that they were shocked to see the junior 1 students for being so friendly and enthusiastic. It was because in general at the first few weeks, students were not fully adapted to the new environment, they would not be so active.

As a conclusion, the senior 3 students were very happy to be with the junior 1 students. The response and warm reactions between the students had exceeded their expectations.



Chinese Lunar New Year Customs & Traditions (2)
Presenting Chinese Lunar New Year Culture by Senior Students

Reported by:
Lew Yuen Teng 15070 Sr3ComA

On 18th January 2020, the first Saturday school day, the Junior One students had an interesting lesson regarding Chinese New Year Culture during their second session for the day, which was organised by the Academic Department, Chinese Language Division, Sr3ComA’s Class Teacher, Mr Liang Jit Jing and the students of Sr3ComA. Students from Sr3ComA went to Junior One classes to teach the new members of our school all about Chinese New Year Culture. Their PowerPoint Presentation was completed with interesting facts, fun activities and games.


The lessons planned for the day included the legend of the ‘Nian’ monster which explained why people wear red clothes, stick red paper with auspicious words and play firecrackers during Chinese New Year, which is to scare away the monster. Besides that, the Junior One students also learnt about the twelve earthly branches, ten heavenly stems and the twelve zodiacs. After that, there was a fun game of completing Chinese idioms with the animals from the twelve zodiacs. The Junior One students had a fun time learning about new idioms through this game. Some classes made it into a competition in which the students who guessed right win a gift.


After that, the Junior One students learnt about the different meanings of the days during the Chinese New Year as well as the do and don’ts on those days. Junior One students even voiced their opinions on what they would do on a particular day. Besides that, the students also learnt about the traditional ways the ancestral home celebrate Chinese New Year. The students enjoyed playing guess the song (Chinese dialect), in which the Senior 3 students played a short clip of Chinese New Year songs with different dialects.


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rsz_save_20200121_094111 rsz_save_20200121_094145

Lastly, the Senior 3 students introduced Chinese New Year dishes, snacks and year goods. The Junior One students voted excitedly for their favourite dish and snack. The day ended in high spirits as the whole class sang Chinese New Year songs together. When the bell rang, the Junior Ones thanked us as well.


As a senior 3 student who participated in this, I felt that this was a wonderful opportunity to not only introduce more detail facts about Chinese New Year Culture to the Junior One students but also to connect and improve students relationship among different grades. Although it may seem tiring, but it was an interesting and educational experience for both Senior 3 and Junior 1 students.